Coral Valley Citizens

Welcome to Coral Valley. Here you're invited to a world oy mystery, intrigue and most of all romance as the citizens of Coral Valley find love and adventure (and often mis-adventure) right before your very eyes. Here you're able to also get a taste of romance in true soap opera style at it's finest, but before you do that, perhaps you'd like to take a chance to meet some of Coral Valley's finest. With that we present to you, the citizens of Coral Valley. Listed below you'll get a little taste of who the character is and what they're about. Take a look at the cast profiles below or click on one of the links to check out the various characters of Coral Valley over the years and into the future!!!

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**None of the actors shown are at all affiliated with and/or are a part of Coral Valley. The photos are used for visualization purposes only**

The Alexander Family

Jade Alexander | Occupation: law clerk | Backstory: When their mother died, Seth became the parent of the family and took care of Jade. Jade wanted the love and approval of their absentee father, Dimitri. As a teenager she was caught up in her father's manipulations unknowingly partaking in some of his schemes. In a disasterous evening Dimitri traded Jade to cover a gambling debt and Jade never fully recovered from the tragedy in her life. Even though she pulled her life together she's endured a great deal of hardships at the hand of her past. | Current Story Line: | Jade's quest for love with Grady has proven to have taken on some deadly consequences during her time in Coral Valley, but when fate offers a second chance, will she step up and take it?

Seth Alexander | Occupation: photographer | Backstory: Seth had to become responsible at an early age after the death of his mother. Knowing his father Dimitri would never look out for his children, Seth kept a close eye on Jade and became a stand-in father. After Jade's world fell apart, he gave up his football scholarship and took care of his sister and came to passionately hate the Ashfords. Eventually when Jade moved on with her career, he returned to his love of photography and was later approached by Cameron Stone to gain access to the Ashford estate via Blake Ashford. Although Seth never planned on falling in love with Blake, the two wound up having a very passionate, intense romance with one another.| Current Story Line: Seth and Blake have finally found their way to happiness with one another, but when a face from his past threatens to destroy that for him, will he have the strength to hold the pieces together?

Kevin Adonis | Occupation: Bodyguard/ex-boxer | Back Story : In his youth after a boxing career fell to pieces Kevin found himself sucked into the dark underworld of the mafia and it was there that he first crossed paths with the beautiful Angela Stone. Although assigned to watch Angela, Kevin eventually fell for her charms and the two found love with one another. Unfortunately their ill fated romance fell apart when their daughter died at birth leaving a wedge between Kevin and Angela in their forbidden romance. Although the two remained friends with one another, romance wasn't in the cards for Kevin and Angela. Later down the road Kevin returned to his roots in Coral Valley when his cousin Jade disappeared. While in town Kevin reunited with former crush Ria Merhan. | Current Story Line: Kevin's found love with Ria and is finally working on putting his past with Angela behind him. However, when the past threatens to return, will Kevin find himself slipping back into old habits?

The Ashford Family

Blake Ashford| Occupation: unemployed socialite who is working on building a woman's center. | Backstory: Blake went to UCLA looking for a way to escape the stigma that came with growing up an Ashford after the loss of her mother Victoria as a child. For a brief period in time she was able to accomplish just that in California while she worked on obtaining her degree in psychology. Over the years Blake has been living a very guarded life especially after witnessing her mother's death. In terms of romantic relationships, Blake has held most men at arm's length except for her crush on Zack Vaughn--her best friend Caitlin's older brother. She'd just all but given up on romance until the day the quake hit down and her car broke down and it lead her to the man who would forever change her life--Seth Alexander. After that the mysterious photographer became an object of interest as Blake finally opened her heart up to him unaware of his hidden agenda in working with Cameron. | Current Story Line: Blake and Seth have finally found their way to one another after a long, tortured road to romance. Of course being together is everything Blake hoped for except for the fact that a woman from Seth's past could find a way to ruin everything for them. The question is will Blake and Seth find their way to wedded bliss or will Seth's ex find a way to keep that from happening? |

Brant Ashford | Occupation: CEO BBK Pharmaceuticals | Backstory: Brant is the ulimate bad boy as he's enjoyed his role as the Ashford prince. On top of being the CEO of the family business when his father Nicholas died, he has enjoyed all the perks that have some with it in the trophy women, the power and more. His ex-fiancee Heather Gibbons is one of the beautiful women to have come into his life and it's that desire for the best of everything that has lead him along in his quest to be the best. Educated at Yale, he's always tried to be one step ahead of the others and when his twin brother Kenneth chose to step away from the family business, he savored the idea of the day it would be all his so that he could prove once and for all that he was the 'better man'. Despite his reputation for a hearty appetite for women, Brant has found himself enamored with Avery Morrison--the in-house council for BBK, but as much as he tries to capture her attention, she's always one step ahead of him finding a way to keep him on his toes, but that won't stop Brant as when Brant Ashford wants something, he always gets it and this time will be no exception to the rule. | Current Story Line: Brant finally has everything he desired. When Russ died, Brant stepped in as Avery's shoulder to lean on. Eventually when Avery threw her mother out a window in a rage, Brant not only offered to be her alibi, but he also stepped into the role of her husband. The question is now that Brant has everything he's ever wanted, will he be able to finally rise above the Ashford curse or will his past come back to haunt him? |

Kenneth Ashford | Occupation: lawyer | Backstory: Educated at Harvard and had a reputation for being the 'good twin' in the Ashford family. However, Ken's true colors began to emerge after true love Caitlin Vaughn died in a tragic accident. | Current Story Line: Since Caitlin's death Ken has taken a road leading him to darkness. Now that Ken's lost inside himself feeling like he's got nothing left to live for, will he finally succumb to the Ashford curse that lingers over his family or will love find a way to save him from the path he's taken?|

The Denton Family

Grady Denton | Occupation: lawyer | Backstory: Son of Elliot and Cheryl. Educated at Notre Dame, Divorced, He's not the nicest guy but not the worst either. He adapts to the situation. He and his brother get along well, though Grady is burned out on love and cynical. He's seriously agressive for his clients and that's how he and Kenneth get into some hellacious legal battles. Grady's law clerk Jade Alexander has had it bad for Grady for a long time and only recently has he begun to warm up to his feelings for her and admit that she's captured his heart. While Grady and Jade are in the early stages of their relationship with one another, his obsession with his brother Russell's love life has been the cause of great concern for Jade. While Jade would like nothing more than to be with Grady and have a romance, his hatred for Avery, Russell's wife, has put their relationship in a bind. | Current Story Line: For months Grady has fought to overcome the obstacles that Cameron Stone has placed in front of him and now that Grady's gotten out of jail, he's ready to begin his life with fiancee Jade Alexander, but when Jade winds up missing, Grady finds himself facing a fear greater than anything he ever imagined. |

Deana Sherman Denton | Occupation: Nurse at the Coral Valley Hospital | Backstory: Deana is new in town and adjusting to a new life in Coral Valley. | Current Story Line: Deana's attempt at starting over may include a man in Coral Valley--one that will suprise even her!

Zane Sherman | Occupation: Student--for the moment | Backstory: Deana's son and Grady's new stepson.

Russell Denton | Occupation: Owner and editor of Coral Courier newspaper | Backstory: Starts his own newspaper to tell good stories about good people; he was once very involved with sassy lawyer Avery Morrison and had an explosive relationship with her; degree from NYU. His past relationship with Avery which leaves him very protective of her and when she and Brant Ashford began to get closer he made it his personal mission to find a way to reach out to her and keep her from falling into Brant's arms. He teamed up with Heather, Brant's ex-fiancee to find a way to reach out to Avery, but along the way he rediscovered that some things just can't be left unsaid as he wasn't ready to let go of hi feeings for Avery. In teaming up with Heather, he realized that his interest in saving Avery ultimately took him back to the love he's never been able to get over. Russell finally found a way to make his dreams a reality when he and Avery were wed on an island paradies, but now he has to worry about Brant stepping in and trying to take away his dream of a family. Sure, he and Avery might be hot and heavy, but he is also well aware of the forces working against them. With Avery's mysterious stalker, Russell finds himself more desperate than ever to do anything and everything to protect his family, but how far will that take him when danger strikes? Will it cost him the one thing that means the most to him?| Current Story Line: Russ 'died' in the airport bombing and his wife Avery has moved on with her life by wedding Brant, but it's said that true love never dies. The question is does that adage hold true for Russ or will love find a way to beat the odds?|

Avery Morrison-Denton | Occupation: in house lawyer for BBK Pharmaceuticals | Backstory: Daughter of Brooke and Richard. At the beginning of Coral Valley Avery was involved with Bruce Mathis, works for Brant at BBK and has a very tense relationship with him. She went to Harvard with Kenneth and is good friends with him and while at one time she was thinking about marrying Bruce, things took a drastic turn after the quake hit Coral Valley. While Avery is tried to find herself content in her life, it seemed that her boss Brant Ashford had other plans for her as he decided to try to win her over. Despite the attraction to Brant, Avery knew all about his shady past with women and she vowed not to get wrapped up in his games. After she and Bruce parted ways, Brant and Avery flirted with the idea of romance, but ultimately her first love Russell Denton popped back into her life again and found a way to break through the walls she'd had around her heart. Time and time again these two tortured lovers were torn apart and as the tug of war for Avery lost her husband Russ in the tragic airport bombing, but that hasn't stopped her from trying to pull the pieces of her life together for the sake of her and Russell's unborn child. After having a very violent confrontation with her mother Brooke, Avery found herself between a rock and a hard place only to be bailed out from Brant Ashford. While it's no secret that Brant has had very deep, very passionate feeling about Avery, she married him simply to save herself. However, now that Avery sees the man Brant truly is, will she find herself falling for the man she vowed to never give her heart to after the loss of her true love Russell?

Erin Leigh Denton | Backstory: Russ and Avery's daughter.

Bradley Denton | Occupation: Police Officer | Backstory: Grady and Russell's cousin. | Current Story Line: To be announced. |


The Stevens Family

Diane Stevens | Occupation: Brant's secretary | Backstory: Diane's eager to get what she wants, but cautious in matters of the heart despite her strong come ons as she's had bad luck in finding the right guy. Keeps things together for Brant and she and Avery's sexy secretary Ben have their own "inner-office dealings" happening thanks to their hot-headed bosses. | Current Story Line: Ben and Diane are enjoying their romance with one another, but when a face from Diane's past enters the picture, will their relationship be strong enough to survive the challenges that her old flame J.T. will toss at them?

Deidra Byrne | Occupation: Doctor | Backstory: Judy's daughter and Diane's older sister. While Sharon has been married in the past, she is currently divorced. Deidra and her younger sister Diane have been at odds because Diane felt Deidra was the 'perfect' one, but now that Deidra's returning to Coral Valley, will Diane see her sister's life isn't all she believed it to be? Deidra returns to town in the hopes of getting her life together again as she's preparing to divoce her husband Andrew. Deidra's had a bad run of luck as not only did husband Andy cheat on her, but in a moment of weakness she slept with serial killer Bruce Mathis. Now best friend Dave Warner is tryin to protect her at all costs, but does Deidra realize that Dave's feeling for her go farther than just friendship or will she once again end up on the losing end of the situation?| Current Story Line: Currently Deidra is dating sexy doctor Dean Carlisle and their budding romance seems to be flourishing rather well. Of course little does Deidra know that Dean has a secret--a very important one that could quite possible blow their relationship out of the water forever!

The Merhan Family

Ria Merhan | Occupation: Resident at the hospital | Story line: Ria's all about being there for her friends, but Ria has a secret that no one knows about. She's seeing a mystery man who is bound and determined to shake up the lives of the various Coral Valley citizens forever!

Trisha Merhan | Occupation: . | Current Story Line: Ria's younger sister is back in town ready to surprise her older sister with a few new changes of her own!

The Walters Family

Ben Walters | Occupation: Formerly under cover as Avery's assistant at BBK, but currently is back to work full time with the FBI. | Back Story: Ben is Annette's nephew, son of Alan and Cassie Walters. Growing up Ben followed in his father's footsteps and pursued a career in the FBI after a sports injury kept him from pursuing a career in athletics. After college Ben was recruited to the FBI, but upon his return to Coral Valley he spent time working as Avery's assistant. During his time at BBK Ben crossed paths with Diane Stevens, a woman who undoubtedly turned his world around in more ways then he ever thought possible. | Current Story Line: Ben's romance with Diane has had more ups and downs then anticipated and Ben finds himself in a position to question everything about his romance and the world around him.

The Stone Family

Cameron Stone | Occupation: Mysterious stranger in Coral Valley who's got his own hidden agenda sure to set the town in an uproar. | Back Story: Former Step-son of Douglas Mahoney and while he hates Douglas, he still keeps former step-brother Kipp close by as he'd hired Kipp on with his company.| Current Story Line: Cameron is out to destroy the Ashford family and so much more in his quest to bring darkness to Coral Valley. Beyond his vendetta against the Ashfords he's also made it his personal mission to make Jade his, but will he succeed?

Angela Meloni (Stone)| Occupation: A doctor | Backstory: She met Brant by chance on the island and the two hit it off immediately. Both parents are dead and it's been alluded to that her father was either murdered or committed suicide. | Current Story: She's got a family secret that connects her to some very interesting Coral Valley citizens, but how will that effect them when Angela's presence comes to light in Coral Valley? Will her association with Brant be the key to his undoing in the future?

The Mahoney Family

Douglas Mahoney | Occupation: Big time movie producer out in Los Angeles| Backstory: Douglas grew up in Hollywood and knows the score, but he has his own tales to tell about his youth--one of them including Dorothy Carpenter. | Current Story: His legacy as one of the nation's top film producers has been something of a tale that dreams are made of, but there's more than meets the eye with this Hollywood player. Deep down he's always felt something was missing and even with the years of his exploits, he's always been longing for the lady love that seemed to get away. Will he find her again in Coral Valley and be able to rekindle the old flame between them despite the fact that time and tragedy set them apart?

Sarah Marx-Mahoney | Occupation: currently unemployed | Backstory: She came into town under mysterious circumstances and while she charmed Russell into hiring here there's still a lot more than meets the eye with Sarah. | Current Story: She and Kyle Houston have been delving into romance with one another, but when Sarah's family is threatened, will she be willing to take the ultimate stand?

Jenna Carpenter | Occupation: Coral Valley Medical examiner. | Backstory: Daughter of Douglas and Dorothy. Has three brothers: Wayne (who was fathered by Preston Rhodes), Kipp and JT (who were fathered by Douglas). Had issues with Patrick Sharpe that lead to him getting a restraining order against her when he crossed the line with her on a date. Since then Jenna's really had issues with men around her--especially Hart Steiner. She's romantically unattached for the time being as work seems to keep her on her toes. This sassy, sexy medical examiner loves her job and is good friends with Avery Morrison. While Jenna is trying to keep down the path of the straight and narrow, her various encounters with Hart Steiner leaves her butting heads with him in ways she never imagined possible. | Storylines: Jenna and Hart have found their way to love with one another. Having started out as the most unlikely couple, these two opposites not only proved that the attraction was there, but they've found their way to being one of the strongest couples in Coral Valley. Sure they've had their share of problems (like her mother hating Hart and Hart learning he has a daughter with Elizabeth Raines--a woman that Jenna loathes), but through it all they've found a way to prove that their love is strong enough to beat the odds

J.T. Mahoney | Occupation: Bartender in Coral Valley | Backstory: Cameron's half brother as a result of a brief marriage between Cameron's mother and Douglas. J.T spent most of his time growing up in Coral Valley estranged from his family. His father Douglas refuses to acknowledge J.T.'s presense in his life as J.T. has been a constant embarassment to him. | Current Story: J.T. and Diane have a history with one another and when J.T. comes into contact with the wild girl who caputred his eye in high school, he sets his sites on shaking up Diane's world once again, but will he be able to break through the changes Diane has made in her life with her boyfriend Ben to get to the heart of the wild gal who'd raised his interest so very long ago?

Kipp Mahoney | Occupation: In house counsel for Stone Corp. | Back Story:Son of the Douglas Mahoney of the Mahoney productions empire. His father's legacy as one of the nation's top film producers has worked in his favor most of his life and will no doubt influence some of his direction in Coral Valley. While he works for Cameron as a devoted lawyer, Kipp has an appetite for the finer things in life and he intends to have them.| Current Story: After having been in a coma for quite some time, Kipp has returned to Coral Valley ready to reclaim the life that was stolen from him--the top of the list being gaining custody of his son Charles.

Charles Mahoney | Current Story: Son of Kipp and Heather.

The Houston Family

Heather Marx Gibbons Stone Houston | Occupation: model | Backstory: Burns through lovers like matches; thought Brant was the jackpot because of his money and power; Wants nothing more than to have a rich and powerful husband; has a stalking complex when it comes to Brant; only child hence her spoiled bitch attitude. Heather wants it all and she intends to have it. Brant has the money and power she craves and she's bent on winning her way back into his life so she can be queen of the castle. The only problem is that her master plan hits a snag when Brant seemingly moved on with his life. Along the way Heather teams up with sexy Coural Courier editor Russell Denton hoping to find a way to win Brant back, but being that Heather doesn't rely on chance alone, she's also found herself attached to Kipp Mahoney--the love struck son of the Hollywood producer that will be the key to making all of Heather's dreams come true. Granted Kipp isn't the ultimate goal, but Heather's working on it in her quest to get Brant back. With the help of Russell and a few others, she's determined she'll win Brant back, but her plans may hit a snag when she meets the ever so moral psychiatrist Diego Hernandez. When Diego doesn't turn to putty at the very thought of her like many other men in her life have done, she finds herself more curious and determined to coax this handsome psychiatrist to do her bidding, but will her quest for knowledge learn her to discover more about herself than she'd imagined possible?| Current Story Line: After being burned in the airport bombing, Heather has gone into a bit of depression. She's not only felt she's lost her appeal, but she's been detached from her son Charles--that is until Kipp returned and has decided to fight her for sole custody of Charles. Now that Heather knows Kipp wants to take her son away, she's ready for a fight, but it is a fight she can win? She's hoping that past lover Brant Ashford (who has now taken her in after she helped him and his wife Avery clear Grady's name) will help her keep custody of her son and that he'll also remember his feelings for her and want to reunite with her.|

Kyle Houston | Occupation: Private Investigator | Backstory: Kyle was adopted at the age of five by Shaun and Karen Houston. He's spent most of his time with the Marx sisters growing up and went on to go to college ahead of time and was roommates with Grady Denton, who is still one of his best friends.| Current Story:  Kyle has been to hell and back this past year and is now ready to decide where his future really is.

The Leveski Family

Don Leveski | Occupation: Doctor. | Back Story : After going to school he became good friends with both Brant and Hart. He became a doctor because he had a crush on a fellow med student. The two later wed and went off together to a third world country to help those in need of medical care. During the midst of the country's civil war Don and his wife Stephanie were caught up in the center of it. She died in an explosion shortly after giving birth to their son Matthew and Don's never fully recovered the loss. | Current Story Line: Don wasn't looking for love, but when he found himself married to sassy, spitfire Shannon Pryce after a drinking binge, his true romantic colors came to light. Not only does Don find himself longing to share his life with his beautiful bride, but he's having one heck of a time trying to convince her that they're meant to be.

Matthew Leveski (R) | Current Story Line: Don's son and Nate's best friend.

The Pryce Family

Shannon Pryce-Leveski | Occupation: FBI, criminalist, adventurous to an extreme | Backstory: One of Brant's ex-girlfriends who's worked on building up her career in the time since she and Brant parted ways.| Current Story Line: Shannon returned to town to work on a case involving a high profile murder, but during the course of her investigation she's seen a great many ups and downs. After a few romantic failures she's found herself married to Don Leveski, a hopeless romantic and a dedicated doctor on the Coral Valley scene. While Shannon and Don have had anything, but a traditional courtship (they woke up in bed together after a night of one too many drinks and discovered that they'd somehow eloped during the course of the night) these two are finding that maybe just maybe surprise romance could be exactly what they both needed in their lives.|

Nate Pryce | Occupation: Currently unemployed. | Current Story Line: Shannon's younger brother who comes to town seeking out a good time and winds up in big trouble!

The Matthews/Warner Family

Carly Matthews | Occupation: Coral Valley Assistant District Attorney | Back Story: | Carly and Dave were once engaged to be wed, but when his unresolved feelings for Deidra became a strain on their relationship Carly left town to pursue her career elsewhere. | Current Story Line: Carly came into town on a transfer. She's working the high profile Mahoney 'murder' case and ready to do what it takes to get a win. However, when she comes into town butting heads with ex-lover Dave Warner, sparks fly, but will Carly and Dave find themselves heating up more than the legal system together or will Carly find herself in the arms of another man in Coral Valley?

Dave Warner | Occupation: Chief of Police | Backstory: Dave's always been a good police officer. Despite his ties to many of the Coral Valley citizens, he's worked his hardest to keep things going smoothly in his town.Dave has been unlucky in love for a great many years. After having held an unrequited love for best friend Deidra Byrne, Dave finally moved on with sexy ADA Carly Matthews only to lose her. Once Carly returned to town he hoped to try at romance again, but ultimately Kenneth managed to find a way to get her into his bed.| Current Story Line: Now that Dave knows about Ken and Carly, will he finally close the chapter on that part of his life forever or will he fight for the woman he let slip away once before?|

Kayla Matthews Warner | Current Story Line: Kayla's coming to town in an upcoming storyline in Coral Valley. The question is who is she going to be involved with?

Other Citizens

Hart Steiner | Occupation: Kenneth's partner at the law firm Ashford and Steiner.| Backstory: Law Partner with Kenneth Ashford though the two are like night and day. He does what needs to be done to get the job done and he's into appreciating the fast life with beautiful women and all the perks that come along the way. Hart's involvement in an upcoming case forces him to cross paths with the sassy, sexy Jenna Carpenter, but will these two work together for the common cause, or will they tear each other apart trying? | Current Story: Hart recently discovered that Sam is his daughter. Upon learning the truth he's faced with the fact that Beth has kept his daughter away from him for most of her life. With Jenna's urgings, Hart contemplates getting to know Sam better, but now that they are close Hart's father Walt threatens to tear apart that relationship!

Evie White | Occupation: Working at JT's bar.| Backstory: Evie's lived a hard life, but she's hoping to find a way to break away from her father's nefarious hold on her and find happiness.| Current Story Line: Gets involved in a storyline with JT.

Kellen Meloni | Occupation: Personal Trainer | Backstory: Kellen found his way to Coral Valley and started life over again arriving on the Coral Valley scene when he came in to help Kipp Mahoney regain the usage of his leg after having been in a coma. The two men fell in love and are currently dating one another. | Current Story Line: Kellen's love life is looking good, but right now he's doing what he can to help two of his very close friends find happily ever after--with each other!

Jason Sherman | Occupation: To be announced. | Backstory: Deana's twin brother who comes into town after feeling like he has nothing else to do with his life and wants to be with his twin. | Current Story Line: Jason comes into town after only moments after being there gets into one of the most surprising events of them all in Coral Valley. He may also find love with a heart broken person as he makes his way into some of the peoples hearts in Coral Valley.

Chase Hastings | Occupation: His occupation is a bit of a mystery one that will have a shocking unfolding . | Backstory: Joseph's son and Susan's younger brother. Chase comes to town when his sister dies. | Current Story Line: Chase's return comes at a poignant time for the Hastings family, yet with Chase in town perhaps Joseph will find a way of dealing with his grief in a positive light while Chase finds love!

Mindy Carmichael | Occupation: Daughter of Judge Paula Carmichael. Russell's bouncy little newsroom secretary | Backstory: Mindy and Guy Morrison grew up together and dated once upon a time during the years that Russell and Avery were together the first time. Mindy's mixing up gossip at the Courier while trying to find her mark in the Coral Valley world. Lately she and Guy have been spending more time with one another as Guy tries to keep the biggest secret of his life from his mother Brooke.| Current Story Line: Despite the fact that Mindy has it bad for her ex-lover Guy Morrison, she's accepted that their relationship will never be and she's moved on. She and Hunt Lockhart are dating, but will their romance end in disaster when the truth comes out about Hunt's involvement with Guy's mother Brooke comes to light.

Diego Hernandez | Occupation: psychiatrist | Backstory: Diego enjoys the quiet life and his flourishing practice as he's a man of morals and integrity, but when Heather Gibbons crosses paths with him, suddenly his beliefs are challenged in ways he'd ever dreamt possible.| Current Story Line: Diego takes on a new patient and almost instantly he captures the full attention of sexy siren Heather Gibbons. While her motivations in getting closer to Diego are less than noble, he finds that perhaps he can be the voice of reason to Heather despite the chaos surrounding her life. When Diego doesn't turn to putty at the very thought of her like many other men in her life have done, she finds herself more curious and determined to coax this handsome psychiatrist to do her bidding, but will her quest for knowledge learn her to discover more about herself than she'd imagined possible?

Shane Slater | Occupation: To be announced.| Backstory: He and Ben have a history with one another. | Current Story Line: Shane steps in and brings Ben into the middle of a very dangerous mystery storyline!

Dean Carlisle | Occupation: Surgeon at the hospital | Story line: Dean finds Deidra in a tentative position and after saving her from the danger Bruce Mathis presents, he becomes a more prominent figure on the Coral Valley canvas. He's currently dating Deidra, but will their romance be destined to fail if she ever learns his secret he's been keeping from her?

R= Recurring Character

D= Dead

P= Past Character off the canvas at current time