Past Coral Valley Citizens

Take a glimpse at some of the faces that have come and gone in Coral Valley. While they might be history in some cases, take a look at those who have made an impact in town in the past!!

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The Alexander Family

Dimitri Alexander (P) | Occupation: Conman | Backstory: Dimitri's family immigrated from Greece to America where he was born and he used his charming side to get what he wanted from life. He married Seth and Jade's mother who also immigrated from Greece and lead her family to believe he would be a good husband. However, his lust for power and greed came first and he abandoned his family leaving Seth to be the man of the house until Dimitri's estranged wife died. After that Seth wants nothing to do with Dimitri and while Jade tried to have a relationship wtih her father once upon a time, it could cost her the future she dreams of. | Current Story Line: | Though Dimitri isn't involved in his children's lives, his hellish need for greed ultimately came at a high price for Jade and Seth and may be the key to their eventual undoing.

The Ashford Family

Victoria Ashford (R)(D) | Backstory: Mother of Blake, Brant and Ken. Years ago an earthquake took her from the world leaving her children to be raised solely by Nicholas.

Zoe Ashford | Backstory: Daughter of August. Zoe returned to town to confront Douglas Mahoney after she'd given her son Kipp up for adoption years ago. Discovering that her brother Nicholas had played a hand in giving Kipp to Douglas without Zoe's knowledge, Zoe finds herself angered by the wrongs of the past and hopes to continue with a relationship for her and her son Kipp while helping her son Daniel grow up the right way.

The Ashley Family

Cathy Ashley (R) | Occupation: Works at BBK along with Ben and Diane.| Backstory: She and Diane are pals at BBK, or are they as Cathy has her own agenda with the object of Diane's affection. Although Cathy expressed an interest in Guy Morrison, she found that her advances were unreturned by him. | Current Story: Cathy's looking for the right man and she's narrowed down her choices to a few possible Mr. Rights, but will she lie and manipulate the situation to win over the object of interest or will something unexpected happen to her turning her around as time goes on?

Marc Ashley (R) | Occupation: CEO of Temptation Enterprises.| Backstory: He's Cathy's father and a very successful name in the fashion industry. Marc is about to join in a business endeavor with Brooke, but is unaware that her son Guy has ties to a man that once played a very important role in his life. While Cathy may have her eye set on winning Guy's attention, just how far will Marc go for his own personal agenda to get what he wants from an old associate? | Current Story: Mark found himself still longing for a reunion with Gabe, but much to his dismay his effors have been in vain. Mark teamed up with Gabe's ex-wife in the hopes of splitting up Gabe and Guy, but has proven thus far to be ineffective in doing so.

The Matthews Family

Helen Matthews (R) | Current Story Line: Carly's mother helped Carly raise her daughter Kayla while Carly was away from Coral Valley. Now that Carly and Kayla have returned to Coral Valley, Helen spends most of her time in the Hamptons.

The Vaughn Family

Caitlin Vaughn | Occupation: reporter | Backstory: degree from UCLA, friends with Blake, her curiosity gets her into trouble which led her to become a journalist; had an abusive relationship once and spent quite a while trying to get away from her boyfriend as well as start a new life. Blake helped her by inviting her to Coral Valley where she's starting over. Has siblings but doesn't want them to know about her abusive relationship so she's kept them out of her life. She met Kenneth while interviewing victims of the company he's fighting against. She wants to tell their story. They begin working together and fall in love even though she's afraid of men after past abusive relationships. She's trying desperately to hide her abusive relationships from everyone while running from a past lover who refuses to ever let go. | Current Story Line: Caitlin's story came to a tragic end when she was a victim of the airport explosion set off by Ken's ex-lover Susan Denton.

Timothy "Tim" Vaughn (R) | Backstory: Zack and Caitlin's father who had been a strong support system in his children's lives. After Caitlin's death Timothy made one last appearance in town to speak with Kenneth about the loss he'd experienced.

Julia Vaughn (R) | Backstory: Zack and Caitlin's mother who played a role in her daughter's life after the various attempts Jimmy Cordell made on her life. Once Caitlin died, Julia and her mother.

Zachary "Zack" Vaughn | Occupation: Doctor coming to Coral Valley's hospital | Backstory: Caitlin's brother who had a flirtation going with Blake back in college over at U.C.L.A. | Current Story Line: Zack left town to be with wife Johanna and their son Cody, but as Zack returns we find that he and Johanna are no longer together and he's got his sights set on winning Blake back all over again!

Walters Family

Alan Walters (R) | Occupation: Retired FBI special agent | Current Story Line: Ben's father whose retired down to Florida but still keeps tabs on his old line of work and the way things are going.

Cassie Walters (R) | Occupation: Retired socialite | Current Story Line: Ben's mother who has happily retired to Florida with her husband and hopes one day that her son will find true happiness in his life..

Other Past Characters

Michelle Sprite | Occupation: Waitress at the Cadillac Ranch. | Current Story Line: Michelle is looking for the next big score. She likes to be pampered and she demands a man who will give her nothing, but the best out of life in terms of money, power and more. Of course right now she's found herself in a bit of a bind and she's working at the bar, but she hopes to find the man who will turn her world around. The question is if she does find that man, will he have any idea what he's in for with a gold-digger like Michelle?

Assistant Director Travis Callaway (R) | Occupation: One of Shannon's supervisors at the FBI. Backstory: He's lost it all when his wife had an affair with Hart Steiner. Now divorced he's out for revenge. | Current Story: Travis is involved with some schemes in Coral Valley that no one is aware of, but one thing is for certain Hart is on his hit list and he'll find a way to make Hart pay yet for what he's done to him.

Paula Carmichael (R) | Occupation: A Coral Valley judge. | Backstory: Mindy's mother. | Current Story Line: Paula is in the midst of a major career boost as she's worked her way up from the bottom, but will her ambitions lead her to a great fall.

Devante Johnson (R) | Occupation: Medical Examiner | Back Story : Devante and Jenna were involved in a serious relationship with one another once upon a time until he left town and Jenna behind him. | Current Story Line: Devante comes to town for a convention and when Dorothy gets wind of the news, she wants to bring her daughter closer to Devante again in the hopes that Jenna will leave Hart behind forever.

Becca Button (R) | Occupation: Secretary for Heather and Kipp. | Backstory: Becca came to Coral valley looking for a new start when she applied for the position of Kipp's assistant. However, her arrival proved to bring with it a whole new set of mysteries. | Current Story Line: Becca's agenda is starting to reveal itself as her obsession with Kipp continues to deepen. While she's not endeared herself to many in town, she's about to do something that will change the course of destiny for some forever.

William Steed (RPD) | Occupation: Heather's agent. William might not have the most upstanding reputation in Hollywood, but he's got big plans for Heather. Will they take her in the direction she's hoping for? | Past Story Line: William and Heather had a shady, dark relationship as he lead Heather down the seedy path to stardom. However, now that Heather and Cameron are married, William has not only vanished, but his finger has wound up on Jenna Carpenter's doorstep in a mysterious package leading the world to believe that perhaps William's sleazy ways have ultimately come to an abrupt end!

Susan Hastings (Denton) (D) | Occupation: Lawyer working as in house council at Stone Corp's New York branch. | Backstory: Joseph's daughter and Grady's ex-wife. Grady and Susan had a turbulant relationship with one another as addictions played a major role in their romantic downfall. Susan has just been fired from her job and she's out for revenge. Of course while she has a taste for the task of taking down those who wronged her, she's also got an insatiable taste for attractive men and right now Kyle Houston is on the top of her hit list. The question is will this bad girl get what she wants from a man who is less than interested in her? | Current Story Line: Susan's obsession with Kyle proved to be deadly after she put a hit out on his then girlfriend Sarah Marx. The hitman killed Susan by mistake, but not before Susan managed to shake up the lives of those around her (in some cases beyond repair).

Patrick Sharpe (R) | Occupation: Police Lieutenant in Coral Valley| Backstory: Patrick and Jenna have a history with one another as their one and only date turned into something ugly and he took her to court using Hart Steiner as his lawyer in his quest to ruin Jenna.| Current Story Line: Patrick is pretty busy with work, but as he and Jenna cross paths once again, it's clear that there's a lot more to Patrick than meets the eye.

Isabel Chavez (RD) | Occupation: Coral Valley District Attorney | Current Story Line: Isabel has a very strong reputation with the state and as things get intense in Coral Valley she's not going to let justice slip away even if it means crossing lines that may prove deadly.

Bruce Mathis (RD) | Occupation: Doctor/Serial Killer | Backstory: Met Avery during his residency and wants to put her on a pedastal and treats her like a porcelain doll. His idea of living the good life is ALWAYS plays it safe and never take a risk. Looking forward to marrying Avery, into all the details of marriage including the planning, home buying, etc.; Only conflict with Avery is that he thinks she works way too hard for a thankless boss and wants her to cut back or find another job. Decides he's ready to take the next step in making Avery the kind of wife that a future Chief of Staff could have on his arm and live the perfect, quiet life with. | Current Story Line: Bruce was killed in a showdown between him, Kyle, Grady and Russ after Bruce kidnapped Avery in the hopes of taking her away after trying to murder her then unborn daughter Erin.

Valerie Madison (D)| Occupation: Supermodel | Back Story: Valerie once lived in Coral Valley and had a relationship with Seth, but put an end to it in order to pursue her career in the spotlight. | Current Story Line: Supermodel that has come into town with nothing but trouble in mind for Blake and Seth as she vows to have one last act of revenge.

Hunt Lockhart (D)| Occupation: Interior Designer | Back Story: Hunt's the new guy in town and his encounters with reporter in training Mindy Carmichael have her more curious than ever to learn all about her mystery man. However, what Mindy doesn't know is that Hunt has a secret double life going on as he's having a hidden affair with Brooke Morrison. How long until Hunt's secrets come to the surface| Current Story Line: Hunt and Mindy's romance evolved and on the night Hunt was about to propose to Mindy, he was the victim in a random robbing. Upon his death Mindy has been forced to face a life without him.

Marie Hage (RP) | Occupation: An ex-waitress/stripper. | Backstory: She was involved with Kevin for a while, but he's not interested in rekindling the flame of a one night stand.

R= Recurring Character

D= Dead

P= Past Character off the canvas at current time