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Take a glimpse at some of the faces that are still around in Coral Valley. While they might not be burning up the scenes in a hot storyline, don't think that their presence has gone undetected as you never know when they'll pop up again!!

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Recurring Characters

Take a look at some of the faces around Coral Valley that are here, but not in a major storyline--yet.

The Ashford Family

Nicholas Ashford (R)(D) | Occupation: former CEO of BBK Pharmaceuticals before his passing. | Backstory: Ruthless business man whose quest for power lead him down a road of darkness. While he was the Ashford family patriarch, he was less than fatherly with his children.| Current Story Line: Even in death Nicholas Ashford's secrets and deceptions over the years will come back to haunt his children which begs the question of whether or not someone can still cause chaos from beyond the grave?|

Daniel Ashford | Occupation: Student | Backstory: He's Zoe's youngest son and Kipp's brother. | Current Story Line: He returns to Coral Valley when his mom does and finds himself wrapped up in a story of his own.

Joel Ashford | Occupation: Student | Backstory: The son of Rex Ashford. | Current Story Line: Comes into town with his father after having to live with him down in Texas. Starts a whole new relationship with one of the younger teens in town.

The Flare Family

Jewel Flare-Warner | Occupation: Professional Chef. | Backstory: Cori and Dave's older sister. Jewel has been in quite a few relationships with some of the guys in Coral Valley. | Current Story Line: Jewel comes back to Coral Valley to come and try to be there for Cori and is also coming for her troubled daughter Stacy.

Stacy Flare | Occupation: Student. | Backstory: The daughter of Paul and Jewel Flaire. | Current Story Line: Stacy comes into town to stay with her Dave who is her uncle. She tries to get away from her mother and father now that they are driving her crazy with wanting to get a divorce.

Paul Flare | Occupation: Owns his own video game production buisness | Backstory: Jewel's husband and Stacy's father. Paul had some strong friendships with a couple of people in Coral Valley. | Current Story Line: Paul comes into Coral Valley for his daughter while Jewel continues to try and get a divorce with him. During the time of him being in Coral Valley, he stays at one of his friend's place and stirs up things like no one could ever imagine.

The Steiner family

Walt Steiner | Occupation: Cigar king of New Jersey. | Backstory: He had his company go bankrupt a few years back when Hart lead a court battle against him. | Current Story: Walt returns to town to try to reconnect with his son, but will Hart be able to let the man he grew up hating back into his life?

Samantha "Sam" Callaway (R) | Occupation: Student at a university in London. | Backstory: Raised by Beth and Travis Callaway Sam's never been one to shy away from trouble and her bad girl status has only gotten her into trouble far too many times for her parent's liking. Sam recently discovered that Hart Steiner is her biological father and found herself readily embracing his role in her life..| Current Story: Sam and boyfriend Wayne moved overseas and are living in London with one another as she is a theater major out there while Wayne works on his Master's degree.

Other Recurring Coral Valley Citizens

Joseph Hastings (R) | Occupation: Father of Susan and Chase. Previous owner of the ice cream shop Ken bought.| Backstory: Has a crush on Annette and has also had a very tense relationship with his daughter Susan after his wife passed away. | Current Story Line: Working to romance Annette somehow and win over her heart as he'd decided to try to love again and he hopes of one day also repairing the damage that's been done in his relationship with his daughter over the years since their estrangement.

Christopher "Chris" Foley | Occupation: Newpaper editor over the Coral Courier | Current Story Line: When Avery's husband Russ 'died' she and father-in-law Elliot decided to keep his legacy alive by keeping the newspaper going. Now that they have hired Chris to come in and run the show, will they get more than they bargained for?

Johanna Larsen (Vaughn) | Occupation: Editor of one of the most respected news publications in the world. | Backstory: Johanna is a tough as nails editor who's worked to get ahead in the growing media field. In the past she was romantically tied to Russell Denton, but ultimately his love for Avery brought their relationship to a screeching halt. Johanna has made it her mission to win back ex-love Zack Vaughn as she's pregnant with their child and eager to see their relationship continue where they'd left off not so long ago. The two have recently wed, but can Johanna hold onto Zack knowing that his heart is still with Blake?| Current Story Line: A slightly more jaded Johanna returns to town after her split with Zack and finds herself leading a campaign for a CV citizen along with working on being a single mother raising her son Cody.

Andrew Byrne (R) | Occupation: Plastic Surgeon | Backstory: He's Deidra's soon to be ex-husband as the two fell in love, got married and moved to Miami, but now things are rocky and their marriage is about to meet an ending it seems. | Current Story Line: Andy might've been the one to break Deidra's heart, but now he's itching for a divorce and his freedom. When Deidra challenges Carly Matthews, will Andy be able to use the animosity between the two women to get exactly what he wants out of his soon to be ex-wife.

Thea Valentine (R) | Occupation: Mysterious stranger in Coral Valley works for Cameron Stone. | Current Story Line: Thea is wicked to the core and working for Cameron allows her to explore her more sadistic tendencies. With Cameron's shady work keeping her busy, Thea is spending her time wreaking havoc on Coral Valley citizens.

Michael Winston (R) | Occupation: Head of research at BBK. He got his brother Barry the job working for BBK. | Current Story Line: Michael has been working like crazy to get the wheels in motion on a new experimental drug that BBK is developing to help fight a rare blood disease, but with Stone Corp setting it's sights on destroying BBK, will Michael be able to help Brant unlock the key to the new super drug they're on the threshold of developing before Stone Corp can beat them to the punch?

Martha Gold (R) | Occupation: Bar Owner | Back Story : She's Kellen and Cary Meloni's mother. After her son Cary died she remained close to his wife Angela and adores Angela's bodyguard and best friend Kevin. Martha is a bit of a matchmaker and enjoys poking her nose in romances around her.

Steve Biggs | Occupation: Doctor | Backstory: Ria's ex-lover, who makes Kevin nervous about his presence in Coral Valley. | Current Story Line: Although Steve if from Coral Valley, he's currently working on the island Angela and Kevin lived at, but that doesn't mean that Steve is going to stay there when life in Coral Valley is just starting to get interesting.

Noelle Teague (R) | Occupation: TBA | Current Story Line: Gabe's ex-wife that is suing for sole custody of their child. She'll stop at nothing to make sure Gabe is out of their child's life no matter what the cost.

Isaac Reynolds (R) | Occupation: Chief of Staff at the hospital. Keeps things running smoothly despite the chaos that sometimes ensues in Coral Valley. | Current Story Line: After putting in a great many years at the hospital Isaac is getting ready to retire and is in the process of trying to find a suitable replacement for him at the hospital.

Dr. Elizabeth Raines (Callaway) (R) | Occupation: A doctor at the hospital. Backstory: Elizabeth had an affair with Hart Steiner and it brought about the end of her marriage to Travis. | Current Story: Elizabeth has just returned to Coral Valley and is currently pondering a way to get Hart's attention again and while Hart had rebuffed her advances, she could quite possibly hold the key to keeping him and Jenna apart forever. The question is will she use her secret to ulitmately get back the one man who slipped away?

Barry Winston (R) | Occupation: Works as an accountant at BBK. | Backstory: Has a crush on Diane and is seeking out some kind of attention as he's spent most of his life being the odd man out. | Current Story: Barry might like to crunch the numbers, but he knows that he's the kind of guy who's looking for a slice of happiness in his life. The question is how far will he go to get it?

Lisa Cooper | Occupation: Nurse at the hospital. | Backstory: Lisa's worked at the hospital in Coral Valley for quite some time. | Current Story Line: To be announced.

Antonio Craven | Occupation: To be announced.| Backstory: Antonio has a dark and mysterious look and he's made a lot of enemies in the past because he has done some shady things in the past and unlike some bad boys that reform, he has no intentions of changing his ways.| Current Story Line: Comes to Coral Valley to meet up with an old enemy that needs to be set straight. He also may hold a secret to what two people have been looking for over the years that can change many people's hearts and feelings.

Karen Bautista | Occupation: Journalist and former television anchor. | Backstory: Karen attended undergradute college with Russell Denton and the two share a history with one another. | Current Story Line: Karen's arrival in town is not by chance. She's a woman on a mission that could spell big trouble for Russ and Avery's romance.




R= Recurring Character

D= Dead

P= Past Character off the canvas at current time