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Take a glimpse at some of the faces that are still around in Coral Valley. While they might not be burning up the scenes in a hot storyline, don't think that their presence has gone undetected as you never know when they'll pop up again!!

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Supporting Characters

Take a look at some of the faces around Coral Valley that are here, but not in a major storyline--yet.

The Ashford Family

Augustus Ashford | Occupation: Patriarch of the Ashford family. | Backstory: Augustus has always been a bit of a man for riddles and games. So it came as no surprise that he's kept that type of atmosphere around building his empire with the Ashford family. However, he's long since retired from the family business when he left his American affairs to his son Nicholas. However, after Nicholas passed on, he came back briefly only to check on Nicholas's children Brant, Ken and Blake. After his brief return to Coral Valley, he returned to Vienna where he's spent his time indulging in culture and the high life. | Current Story Line: When trouble returns to the Ashford family, Agustus returns to bring some order again. Sure, he might not have thought about coming back, but now that his grandchildren need him more than ever, he's back in town with a few surprises of his own.

Rex Ashford | Occupation: Earned money back in the day for owning an oil company in Texas and now owns many sports teams. | Backstory: Rex is the third child of Augustus Ashford and he left town after wanting nothing to do with his family and it's background.| Current Story Line: Rex comes back into town to see his family and starts up a whole new interest in one woman's eyes in Coral Valley. Also, Rex and a friend of his starts up a whole new hobby that many will be able to enjoy.

Alexa Ashford | Occupation: FBI Agent | Backstory: The daughter of Rex Ashford. | Current Story Line: Comes into the Coral Valley scene wrapped up in a big mystery that pulls her closer to long time crush and childhood pal Ben Walters.

The Carpenter/Rhodes Family

Dorothy Carpenter (R) | Occupation: Grady's secretary | Backstory: Dorothy was once an aspiring young Hollywood hopeful and she crossed paths with Douglas Mahoney, but how will that effect her future?Dorothy has a tale to tell. One that her daughter Jenna knows nothing about as things in this family are going to soon take a turn. | Storylines: Now that the truth has been revealed about Dorothy's affair with Douglas Mahoney resulting in Jenna's birth, Dorothy is bound and determined to keep her daughter from making the same kind of mistakes she made in her youth. Seeing Jenna's boyfriend Hart as the kind of man that Doug was, Dorothy is ready to do what it takes to put an end to the relationship. The question is will she go too far in the name of saving her daughter?

Preston Rhodes (R) | Occupation: He's in the army on tour in Iraq.....but he's a Lt. Col. with the Airborne division He's dating Dorothy and thinks the world of her and her family.| Story line: Though Dorothy and Preston never wed, they share a son together and Preston helped Dorothy raise Jenna. The two have shared a great many ups and downs with one another and Preston is determined to one day find a way to make things official between him and Dorothy as man and wife.

Wayne Rhodes (R) | Occupation: Grad student | Backstory: He's the son of Dorothy and Preston and Jenna's half brother. | Storylines: Wayne is involved in a romance with Sam Callaway and hopes that their relationship can beat the odds since her mother disapproves of them being together.

The Denton Family

Elliot Denton (R) | Occupation: Semi-retired now. He still owns his own business, but he pretty much leaves the work to his manager. | Backstory: Father of Grady and Russell. | Current Story Line: Wants his son to follow his heart to love as Elliot has his own demons from the past and he prays his sons don't allow the Ashfords to steal their happiness. |

Cheryl Denton (R) | Occupation: Works part-time with a vet's office since she loves animals| Backstory: Mother of Grady and Russell. | Current Story Line: Secrets from Chery's past breeds the animosity between the Denton and Ashford families, but will her sons ever learn the truth? |

The Kurts Family

Julian Kurts (R)| Occupation: Police Lieutenant | Current Story Line: Julian's playing a hand in investigation surrounding Jade Alexander's disappearance. He's formed an unlikely alliance with Kyle Houston in the name of finding the truth about what happened to Jade.

Olivia Kurts (R)| Occupation: Psychiatrist | Current Story Line: She and Julian have been happily married for a long time and hope to help pave the way for their children to have future successes.

Jackie Kurts (R)| Occupation: Daughter of Julian and Olivia Kurts. | Current Story Line: She's still in high school and is friends with Lindsay.

John Kurts (R)| Occupation: Son of Julian and Olivia Kurts. | Current Story Line: He's pals with Lindsay and has his own band with his friends and hopes to one day be a big rock star--that is if his dad will get a house so he can have an actual garage to play in.

The Leveski Family

Alicia Leveski (R) | Occupation: Special-education teacher | Current Story Line: Alicia is Don's mother who has plenty to say about his new marriage, but while she's worried about her son, will an unexpected love find her?

Rob Leveski (R) | Occupation: Owns the Indigo Nights night club, a former sports trainer who also has his own fitness gym. | Current Story Line: To be announced.

Lindsay Leveski (R) | Occupation: Student/Don's younger sister. | Current Story Line: Lindsay is currently living at home with mom and dad since she's still in high school and she's working part time at the vet clinic in the hopes of following her dreams of having a career as a veterinarian.

The Morrison Family

Guy Morrison | Occupation: While Avery didn't take an interest in Brooke's love of the fashion world, Guy works for his mother at Beholder Cosmetics helping her run the company.| Backstory: Guy works for Brooke helping her run her overseas offices along with the other aspects of Beholder. He's Avery's younger brother and very close with his sister despite his family's crazy ways. | Current Story Line: Guy harbors a secret. One that he's kept from most of the world for the majority of his adult life. Upon coming to Coral Valley he struggles to be there for his sister and face the fact that he can no longer run from the truths in his life about where his heart is.|

Brooke Morrison | Occupation: Founder and head of Beholder cosmetics..their tag line: "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" | Backstory: Brooke's got an eye on money and she found a way to get her hands on it early on when she seduced Richard and found her way into his life as his wife with Avery's conception. She firmly believes some things you can never have enough of--money being the major source and she'll do anything to keep herself in the life she's accustomed to. Avery's mother who wants nothing less than the best for her long as she benefits in the process. Upon hearing the news that of Avery's 'situation' with Brant, Brooke came to town eager to take matters into her own hands. Time and time again Brooke had found a way to keep Avery and Russell apart and her last attempt almost kept them split for good, but ultimatley Russell's determination brought him back into Avery's life much to Brooke's dismay.| Current Story Line: Brooke wants the best for her children and as long as she gets what she wants, she doesn't care who she steps on along the way. With the power of manipulations, she sets her agenda in motion as her nefarious actions are sure to leave Avery and tangled up in knots. |

Richard Morrison | Occupation: Richard is one of the countries top lawyers and one of the top legal minds in the world. He's also done some work at Harvard helping develop some of the best legal minds out there. | Backstory: Richard married Brooke at a young age due to circumstances when a night of drunken passion lead to Avery's conception. Despite the fact that Richard adores his daughter more than anything, his marriage with Brooke has been based on anything but love. Having lost the one great love of his life, he's a firm believer in romance and refuses to let his daughter travel down the same miserable path he wound up taking. | Current Story Line: Avery's father who believes no man is ever good enough for his little girl. He's polar opposites of Brooke and while their marriage has lasted a great many years, it's nothing short of the disfunctional family in the Morrison home.|

The Stevens Family

Judy Stevens | Occupation: Kenneth's secretary| Backstory: Judy and Richard Morrision were once hot and heavy with one another until Brooke stepped in and saw to changing that. Mother of Diane and her sister. | Current Story Line: Judy felt love slip away once upon a time when her first love Richard Morrison wound up marrying Brooke a woman he'd gotten pregnant during an off period in their relationship. While Judy vowed to forget the man she once loved, she and Rick keep coming into contact with one another as she fights to keep from being the other woman in his life even if he still carries the key to her heart.

The Teague family

Gabriel "Gabe" Teague | Occupation: Gabe buys big companies on the verge of bankruptcy, breaks them into much smaller companies and sells them off.....except for the ones he believes will the most profitable which he keeps. Gabe comes to Coral Valley with some personal business. Will his heart lead him astray as he's forced to face a secret that he's been hiding?| Current Story Line: Gabe is currently in a custody battle with his ex-wife Noelle over their daughter Brittany. While Gabe is hoping his lover Guy will come out of the closet where their relationship is concerned, Gabe's top priority is looking out for his daughter's best interest, but does Noelle have other plans?

Brittany Teague (R) | Occupation: Student | Current Story Line: Gabe and Noelle's daughter who's been put in the middle of a custody battle between her parents. She's a daddy's little princess, but Noelle hopes to sever the tied between her ex-husband and her daughter forever.

Other Recurring Coral Valley Citizens

Annette Walters (R) | Occupation: Ashford family nanny/housekeeper and Ben's Aunt. She's been there for the children all of their lives and is their voice of reason even now. | Current Story Line: Joseph has a crush on Annette, but will she finally give him a shot at winning her heart after all these years?

Cori Warner | Occupation: Hostess | Current Story Line: Cori's been studying overseas working on getting her degree in elementary education while doing a little modeling on the side. Cori returns to Coral Valley ready to start anew and help her brother Dave through his romantic troubles, but will Cori find love along the way?

Grayson Runnels | Occupation: Professional Hockey Player. | Backstory: Grayson and Deana went to high school together. The two dated briefly and their romance ended with a teen pregnancy for Deana. When Grayson turned Deana away and refused to take any kind of responsibility for his son, Deana vowed to be the best parent she could be without him in her life. | Current Story Line: Years after Grayson's estrangement from his child, he's come to Coral Valley to play for the team in town and with a mission in mind--getting back in Zane's life whether Deana wants him to or not.

Barbara | Occupation: Nurse at the hospital. | Current Story Line: Barbara spends most of her time working at the hospital, but she's found herself looking for love in all the wrong places. Currently she's secretly crushing on her guy pal Diego Hernandez, but will her hopes for romance go out the window with his departure from Coral Valley?



R= Recurring Character

D= Dead

P= Past Character off the canvas at current time