New Arrivals In Coral Valley

Take a look at a few of the new faces in town around to stir up drama and more!!!

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New Faces on the Coral Valley Scene

Holly Pryce | Occupation: Bartender| Backstory: Nate and Shannon's sister who arrives in Coral Valley under mysterious circumstances. | Current Story Line: Although Holly is new in town she's expected to make a big stir with one of Coral Valley's leading men.

Craig Forbes | Occupation: Former doctor turned talent manager who has his own company. | Backstory: Wendy's older brother who found was once engaged to one of the women in Coral Valley, but lost her to a rival. | Current Story Line: Craig returns to town to be there for his sister Wendy and also has an agenda of his own as he vows to get retribution for the wrongs of his past.

Karen Bautista | Occupation: Journalist and former television anchor. | Backstory: Karen attended undergradute college with Russell Denton and the two share a history with one another. | Current Story Line: Karen's arrival in town is not by chance. She's a woman on a mission that could spell big trouble for Russ and Avery's romance.

Grayson Runnels | Occupation: Professional Hockey Player. | Backstory: Grayson and Deana went to high school together. The two dated briefly and their romance ended with a teen pregnancy for Deana. When Grayson turned Deana away and refused to take any kind of responsibility for his son, Deana vowed to be the best parent she could be without him in her life. | Current Story Line: Years after Grayson's estrangement from his child, he's come to Coral Valley to play for the team in town and with a mission in mind--getting back in Zane's life whether Deana wants him to or not.

Lisa Cooper | Occupation: Nurse at the hospital. | Backstory: Lisa's worked at the hospital in Coral Valley for quite some time. | Current Story Line: To be announced.

Nolan Ashford | Occupation: To be announced. | Backstory: Son of Rex, has been out of town for a while, but could find his way back to Coral Valley to start up something new and dangerous . | Current Story Line: To be announced.

R= Recurring Character

D= Dead

P= Past Character off the canvas at current time