Has a crush on Ben Walters

History: For as long as Alexa could remember she's always longed for a chance at winning Ben's heart, but time and circumstance seemed to get in the way between them. Now that they are working in close quarters with one another on a dangerous case down in Florida, Alexa hopes that Ben will see her as more than just the friend that he's had since childhood. However, Ben's involved with Diane, which might mean Alexa could have her heart crushed all over again now that the man she has secretly loved from afar has found a new path to happiness in his life..

Dated Shane Slater
History: Alexa and Shane dated one another for a while until it was clear that their personalities didn't mesh well with one another. She broke his heart and dumped him after she realized they weren't good for one another.
Had a fling with Hart Steiner
History: Alexa was a bit of a rebel as a teen so when she decided to tackle the challenge of seducing one of her cousin's Brant's best friends she made sure she was successful. Hart and Alexa quickly entered into a fun, dangerous fling with one another which ended shortly after her father discovered what was happening between the two and Rex chased Hart around the mansion with a shotgun as a warning to stay away from Alexa.