Separated from Deidra Byrne

History: Deidra and Andy got together right after high school and after they wed they moved to Florida to work in the medical field with one another. However, while Deidra thought everything was fine with their marriage, Andy was out cheating on Deidra with any woman he could find. When Deidra discovered the awful truth, she returned to Coral Valley and is currently in the process of getting a divorce from the man who broke her heart.

Had an affair with Diane Stevens
History: Diane always wanted Andy, but when her sister was the one to capture his heart and his love, Diane swore revenge. Determined to get Andy to notice her, Diane did whatever was necessary to prove that she was the better sister. The result? On Deidra and Andy's wedding night, he was sharing the honeymoon suite with his sister-in-law instead of his blushing bride!