Engaged to Brant Ashford
Was engaged to Kevin Adonis
History: Angela is currently with Brant, but in her younger years she was a rebel and during that rebellious streak she and bodyguard/best friend Kevin had a brief love affair. The two eventually parted ways, but they are still each other's confidant and support system especially now after Angela's life has taken a drastic turn. Despite Kevin's happiness with Ria, he continually feels a pull towards his ex especially when it seems danger is surrounding her life.
History: When Avery ran off with Russ to get married over Christmas, Brant took to drinking and roaming on the beach where he encountered Angela. She was a dead ringer for Avery and soon the two fell into a passionate fling. Things really heated up for the two of them and Brant found himself pondering a future with her, but when she found out about his 'relationship' with Avery, she threw him out on his butt. Still Brant spent months trying to find her. Ultimately they came together again and she's pregnant with Brant's twins.
Dated Chris Foley
History: Chris and Angie are still friends even though they shared a passionate relationship with one another. The two have gotten into their share of trouble with one another and continue to do so. Should Angie end up involved with another man on a romantic level he had better watch out for Chris because there is something about Chris's crazy schemes that Angie simply cannot say no to!
Thought she married Cary Meloni
History: When Angela and Kevin were on the outs with one another, she fell in love with boxer Cary Meloni and thought she met someone she could be very happy with. Unfortunately it soon came to light that Cary was plotting to kill her when Kevin discovered Cary's nefarious plot. Kevin and Cary fought with one another, Cary 'died' and Angela miscarried the child she was having with Cary.
Married to Kellen Meloni
History: By a fluke and a paper work mixup, Kellen recently discovered that he married his brother's former bride Angela Meloni. Although Kellen has no interest in Angela other than friendly he is currently still Angela's husband.