Married to Russell Denton
Had an affair with Grady Denton
History: Avery has always been in love with Russ, but there was a brief point in time when Grady and Avery came close to finding out what would happen if they crossed the lines of friendship and delved into something more. Once Russ 'died' Avery and Grady grew closer to one another. When Grady tried to kill himself after hitting rock bottom, Avery saved his life and they made love. Unfortunately for Grady Russ returned and that was the end of his chance with her. Russ still has no idea about what happened between them.
History: Russ and Avery were one another's first love. Their rich history with one another was filled with many twists and turns especially when her mother Brooke drugged Russ placing him in bed with Avery's rival Heather. Heartbroken, Avery left town with Brant, but soon discovered that she was pregnant with Russ's baby. Still unclear about what happened, Russ was determined to find Avery again. He kidnapped her as soon as he located her on the island and the two were wed almost immediately after she revealed she was pregnant. Against the odds their love ultimately brought them together after years of heartbreak. Even though a great many things threatened to tear them apart, they seem to find their way back to one another now with their daughter Erin.
Divorced from Brant Ashford
History: Brant made no secret that he'd wanted Avery from the start, but when she and Russ wed, he knew he didn't stand a chance. Still, when Russ died Brant offering to help Avery and her unborn child through these rough times. When Avery's mother Brooke tried to get rid of Avery's baby by attempting to drug her, Avery threw Brooke out a window and Brant came to her rescue. Together he and Avery cooked up a phony alibi as to what really happened when Brooke fell and they were married in the hopes of keeping their secret safe. However, Russell returned to town much to Brant's dismay very much alive just in time for the birth of his daughter Erin. While Brant tried to keep Avery in his life, ultimately she went back to Russ and he was reunited with Angela shortly after.
Slept with Kenneth Ashford
History: Ken and Avery were always good friends, but nothing prepared either one of them for what would happen after Susan drugged him. In the midst of Ken's drug induced rage, he pretended to be his twin brother Brant and bedded Brant's wife Avery. The two have yet to repair the damage that has been done between them!
Dated Bruce Mathis
History: Bruce met Avery right after she lost her first child with Russ. She used Bruce to help Russ believe that she no longer loved him. Eventually the two found romance with one another until he was about to propose. Avery freaked out and he ended things in the hopes that she would come crawling back to him. Instead she fell back into Russell's arms and didn't look back. Bruce later went into a fury and tried to kill Avery until Brant stepped in and saved her from him. It later came out that Bruce wasn't at all who Avery thought he was as he was a serial killer. His obsession with Avery continued until finally in one last stand off Bruce was killed in a scuffle with Kyle Houston.