Engaged to Diane Stevens
History: Diane flirted with Ben for months before he finally returned the interest. While he was reluctant to let her in due to his undercover work, he soon found that she'd captured his heart completely. These two started off hot and heavy, but time and time again misunderstandings and her blatant hatred for her sister Deidra have pushed them apart. During their last split Diane slept with JT, but then the next day she and Ben reunited. Though their relationship has been filled with ups and downs they are still together unless outside forces find a way to tear them apart again.
Playful flirtation with Blake Ashford
History: Although Blake and Ben have always been friends the two teens crossed the lines of friendship with one another in their youth as they found themselves engaged in some heavy make out sessions as teens. However, they kept from crossing too many lines and remained friends with one another through the years.
Had a fling with Ria
History: Ben and Ria were best friends in high school however before the two went away to college they decided to make love to one another for the first time. After they continued to be best friends and have a great relationship with one another.