Engaged to Seth Alexander
History: Blake and Seth met during the earthquake and had immediate sparks. When he got injured saving her life, she pretended to be his fiancee to get word on his condition. Eventually romance followed, but their happiness was interrupted when he told her about her father had raped his sister Jade. Horrified Blake turned to Zack for comfort and began a relationship with him. Eventually Seth decided to leave town and Blake behind forever, but not before she realized that he was the man she wanted to be with. After the bombing, Blake proposed to Seth and the two were reunited and are now planning on a wedding. However, a face from his past may have a few things to say about that...
Dated Zack Vaughn
History: In college Blake Ashford was bound and determined to break out of her Ashford ties and that started with attempting to seduce her best friend Caitlin's brother Zack. The two became fast friends, yet despite all Blake's attempts to seduce him, he'd resisted. Of course when he came to Coral Valley that became a different story when Blake and Seth were broken up. Zack and Blake still felt the chemistry and came together again only to have their relationship fall apart when she discovered that Johanna was pregnant with his baby. However, Blake was able to recover from the loss when she reunited with ex-love Seth Alexander.
Playful flirtation with Ben Walters
History: Although Blake and Ben have always been friends the two teens crossed the lines of friendship with one another in their youth as they found themselves engaged in some heavy make out sessions as teens. However, they kept from crossing too many lines and remained friends with one another through the years.
Had a crush on Eric West
History: Diane and Blake both fought for Eric's attention when he came into business with Nicholas Ashford over at BBK. However the race for his heart ended when Eric chose to be with Diane thus crushing Blake's heart, but ultimately when Blake learned of how nefarious Eric truly was she was relieved that she didn't get the guy that time!