Engaged to Angela Meloni
History: When Avery ran off with Russ to get married over Christmas, Brant took to drinking and roaming on the beach where he encountered Angela. She was a dead ringer for Avery and soon the two fell into a passionate fling. Things really heated up for the two of them and Brant found himself pondering a future with her, but when she found out about his 'relationship' with Avery, she threw him out on his butt. Still Brant spent months trying to find her. Ultimately they came together again and she's pregnant with Brant's twins.
Divorced from Avery Morrison
History: Brant made no secret that he'd wanted Avery from the start, but when she and Russ wed, he knew he didn't stand a chance. Still, when Russ died Brant offering to help Avery and her unborn child through these rough times. When Avery's mother Brooke tried to get rid of Avery's baby by attempting to drug her, Avery threw Brooke out a window and Brant came to her rescue. Together he and Avery cooked up a phony alibi as to what really happened when Brooke fell and they were married in the hopes of keeping their secret safe. However, Russell returned to town much to Brant's dismay very much alive just in time for the birth of his daughter Erin. While Brant tried to keep Avery in his life, ultimately she went back to Russ and he was reunited with Angela shortly after.
Engaged to Heather Gibbons
Dated Shannon Pryce
History: Brant and Shannon's relationship was fast and furious with a heavy focus on the physical pleasures they could provide one another with. Their wild ride soon came to an end when Brant dumped her for model Heather Gibbons, but while Shannon held a grudge she still had some feelings for Brant. He, however, had moved on and ultimately she did too with a new man in her life. Shannon is currently married to Brant's best friend Don. He's in love with Angela.
History: Together Heather and Brant seemingly had it all. He was the most eligible bachelor in Coral Valley and she was the beautiful model on his arm. However, despite Brant's power and prestige it wasn't enough for Heather as she found herself in the arms of a producer in the hopes of landing a staring role in his movie. The end result: Brant dumped her and never looked back and Heather was left without Brant and the role in the film that she'd taken the time to 'audition' for. When Coral Valley began, Heather was makinga bid for Brant's heart, but he had no interest in rekindling romance. However the two have remained friends after a long period of hate between them.
Had a fling with Johanna Larsen
History: During Brant's playboy days he and Johanna crossed paths and engaged in some fun with one another, but when Brant asked Johanna to work her charm on former flame Russell Denton she refused and the two hadn't spoken since.