Divorced from Richard Morrison
Had an affair with Hunt Lockhart
History: When Brooke found herself wanting a little attention outside of her marriage to Richard, she faked a kidnapping and spent a week with her boy toy Hunt. While the two have a unique relationship, Hunt was always hoping for more. Eventually Hunt left Brooke and found happiness with Mindy until he was murdered one night when he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The truth about Brooke and Hunt's association has never been uncovered and perhaps the secret died with her former love.
History: Richard and Brooke have anything, but the perfect marriage. While they got married only because Brooke was pregnant with Avery, the two have never found a way to hit it off. Sure, they could've divorced but each time Richard tried to do so, Brooke fought it tooth and nail. Still their hatred for one another is obvious as their battles have been a thing of frustration for their children. Brooke's scheming, evil side tends to keep Richard at her side, but sooner or later her evildoings could come back to haunt her thus leading Richard into the arms of true love Judy...then again given the nature of Brooke's manipulations...maybe not.