Picked up Trisha Merhan
History: After Trisha found Ria and Kevin with one another Trisha went off in a moment of upset and picked up the first guy she found at the bar. Unfortunately for Trisha it was serial killer Bruce Mathis and he'd intended on making Trisha his latest victim until she was able to escape. After that she swore off men, until Chase came around anyways.
One night stand with Deidra Byrne
History: When Deidra went to the island where Russ and Avery were honeymooning she was reminded of her own failed marriage and she took a walk out on the beach. It was there when she met Bruce (posing as Christian) and the two talked of their failed relationships. One thing lead to another and they slept together leading Deidra to guilt about the situation. She ran away from him and later discovered he was a serial killer. He later returned and tried to kill her, but she was saved by current love Dean. Bruce eventually died at the hand of Kyle Houston.
Dated Avery Morrison
History: Bruce met Avery right after she lost her first child with Russ. She used Bruce to help Russ believe that she no longer loved him. Eventually the two found romance with one another until he was about to propose. Avery freaked out and he ended things in the hopes that she would come crawling back to him. Instead she fell back into Russell's arms and didn't look back. Bruce later went into a fury and tried to kill Avery until Brant stepped in and saved her from him. It later came out that Bruce wasn't at all who Avery thought he was as he was a serial killer. His obsession with Avery continued until finally in one last stand off Bruce was killed in a scuffle with Kyle Houston.