Was Engaged to Kenneth Ashford
History: Ken and Caitlin met during the earthquake and the two found romance together. However, things started to get complicated when her ex came to town putting her in the hospital. Top that off with Brant's exploits and Susan chasing Ken to add to the complications. Still when her father was injured and they went out to Seattle together everything was back on track again. Their relationship strengthened and Ken found himself ready to take that next step in getting married. He picked out the ring and planned the perfect place to propose, but his plans were put to a halt when Caitlin died in the airport bombing taking Ken's heart with her. Now he's left to pick up the pieces of his life without his one true love.
Dated Jimmy Cordell
History: Caitlin thought she had it all when handsome Jimmy crossed paths with her. The two had a loving relationship until Jimmy turned abusive. When this happened Caitlin took jobs that kept her far from Jimmy and his abuse, but each and every step of the way Jimmy followed. When she and Ken found one another, Jimmy arrived in Coral Valley and put her in a coma. Ultimately on the last day of Caitlin's life Jimmy was at the airport threatening to shoot her true love Ken, but Caitlin stepped in the way to prevent him from doing so. Then the bombing happened and both Caitlin and Jimmy died as a result of the disaster.