Had a fling with Sarah Marx
History: When Sarah decided that it was time to get rid of her sister Heather, she went to Cameron for help in dealing with her problem. The two teamed up until Sarah found that Cameron wasn't as receptive to helping her as she'd hoped. Eventually Sarah found out she was pregnant and Cameron agreed to marry her to spite everyone else. Unfortunately for Cameron before he could marry Sarah, Douglas stepped in and made a drunken Sarah his wife thus foiling Cameron's plans.
Had a fling with Valerie Madison
History: Although Valerie is obsessed with finding her way back into Seth's heart it didn't stop her from taking the time to get up close and personal with Cameron Stone when the mood hit the both of them.
Is occasional lovers with Thea Valentine
History: Cameron met Thea when she was working in a strip club. He brought her into his world and soon she became his most vital asset. Over the years Thea has done Cameron's dirty work in the hopes of gaining just one thing from him--his love. However, regardless of Thea's loyalty, Cameron's obsession with Jade rules his life thus keeping him away from Thea and where she wants him to be. Still, Thea stays at his side in the hopes that one day that will change.
Divorced from Heather Gibbons
History: Heather married Cameron after she discovered she was pregnant to his ex-step-brother's child (got that?) and since then it's been a nightmare! Cameron has an agenda wanting to use Heather's baby to take down one time step-father Douglas Mahoney and Heather found that being married to one of the most powerful men in Coral Valley wasn't at all what it's cracked up to be! Fortunately since then the pair divorced and Heather married true love Kyle Houston.
Had a fling with Susan Hastings
History: Susan works for Cameron and while she's had an eye for some of the hotties in town such as Ken, Kyle and Grady, she and Cameron share an intimate (and twisted) relationship with one another when the mood strikes them. Are there any real feelings between them? Not particularly, but Cameron does appreciate the dirty work Susan does for him in and out of the bedroom. After Susan became obsessed with Kyle, Cameron lost interest and moved on.