Married to Dave Warner
History: Dave and Carly seemingly had it all together. Both were extremely devoted to their relationship and to their careers which posed a problem for them when Carly was given a job opportunity out of Coral Valley. Despite the fact that they've had their share of tensions between them especiall where Ken Ashford is concerned, they are still together and stronger than ever with one another.
Had a fling with Kenneth Ashford
History: Ken's tried to live his life the right way, but there was a period when his bad boy alterego reigned surpreme. After losing Wendy, Ken went down a dark path and in that time frame he found himself in the arms of his best friend's ex-fiancee. When Dave and Carly had a falling out, Ken was right there to pick up the pieces as he and Carly became fast lovers. However, when she left town, he moved on to Susan Denton. Eventually Ken said good-bye to his bad boy ways, but when Carly returned to town after Caitlin's death the two reunited again for a brief affair. While it's possible that Ken could be the biological father of Carly's daughter Kayla, Carly has since moved on to marry Dave and hopes that Ken will never realize that Kayla might be his.