Dating Michelle Sprite
Married Angela Meloni
History: When Angela and Kevin were on the outs with one another, she fell in love with boxer Cary Meloni and thought she met someone she could be very happy with. Unfortunately it soon came to light that Cary was plotting to kill her when Kevin discovered Cary's nefarious plot. Kevin and Cary fought with one another, Cary 'died' and Angela miscarried the child she was having with Cary.
Living as Deidra Byrne's husband Andrew
History: While Michelle was married to Kevin she found herself attracted to Cary Meloni. Together the two teamed up to get rid of Cary's wife Angela and Michelle fell hard. When she thought he died she was devatasted, but now that Cary is alive and they are reunited she dreams of being able to share the future with him that she thought was stolen from them.
History: When Cary crossed paths with newlywed Andrew Byrne, he got the notion to push Andrew out of the world and step into his shoes. For the last few years Cary has been pretending to be Andy and Deidra doesn't know any differently as their marriage fell apart.
Obsessed with Blake Ashford
History: Eager to get his hands on Blake's fortune Cary has made it his mission to try to capture Blake's attention, but with her and Seth in a relationship, does he stand a chance?