Dated Angela Meloni. He proposed to her, she said no.
History: Chris and Angie are still friends even though they shared a passionate relationship with one another. The two have gotten into their share of trouble with one another and continue to do so. Should Angie end up involved with another man on a romantic level he had better watch out for Chris because there is something about Chris's crazy schemes that Angie simply cannot say no to!
Flirted with Cori Warner
History: Once again Chris found himself on the losing end of the love spectrum when he tried his hardest to get Cori Warner to notice him. Unfortunately Cori was too hung up on Diego at the time he first encountered her, but that isn't stopping Chris from trying to make some ground with Cori. Now that Cori is single again who knows what might happen for these two? Perhaps Chris will win her over yet!.
Had a flirtation with Heather Gibbons
History: Heather returned home to find that Diego had a girlfriend and it just so happened that around this same time she met Chris Foley. He infuriated her and drove her crazy, but when he agreed to play a part in her quest to get Diego back into her life, she readily accepted. The two clashed in ways that neither one expected, yet there was an undeniable attractionbetween them. Unfortunately for Chris before love could blossom Heather reunited with former flame Kyle and marred him. She and Chris are still friends though.