Dated Diego Hernandez
History: Cori has always had a crush on Diego from when she was a little girl. Unfortunately for Cori, Diego has always been taken until now. When he and Maria were together, Cori knew she couldn't have him, but now that he's available Cori made it her mission to get up close and personal with Diego. Too bad for Cori that there were two other women in Diego's life and in the end he chose Sarah. After he slept with Sarah he dumped a very angry Cori who later swore her revenge.
Flirted with Nate Pryce
History: It was love at first sight for Nate when he crossed paths with this blonde bombshell. The only problem was that Cori wasn't interested. She had another man on her mind and even though it turned out sour and landed her in the mental institution, she still had no interest in Nate. It wasn't until Cori learned that she was pregnant with Diego's baby that Cori started to see Nate in a new light when he offered to play the role of father to her unborn child. Of course does that mean love will follow? Time will tell in this case for sure.
Had a flirtation with Chris Foley
History: Once again Chris found himself on the losing end of the love spectrum when he tried his hardest to get Cori Warner to notice him. Unfortunately Cori was too hung up on Diego at the time he first encountered her, but that isn't stopping Chris from trying to make some ground with Cori. Now that Cori is single again who knows what might happen for these two? Perhaps Chris will win her over yet!.
Was obsessed with Rob Leveski
History: When Diego and Cori were on the outs, Rob befriended Cori and Cori decided that she and Rob were meant to be together. Although Rob is happily married, Cori leaned on him and attempted to move in on his life by befriending his daughter Lindsay. Unfortunately for Cori, Rob got wise to her manipulatons and backed off before she could delve any further into her twisted fantasties of moving in on him.