Married to Carly Matthews
History: Dave and Carly seemingly had it all together. Both were extremely devoted to their relationship and to their careers which posed a problem for them when Carly was given a job opportunity out of Coral Valley. Despite the fact that they've had their share of tensions between them especiall where Ken Ashford is concerned, they are still together and stronger than ever with one another.
Dated Ria Merhan
History: Ria and Dave dated one another for a period of time until the two decided to be just friends after it all.
Had a crush on Deidra Byrne
History: Dave has always had it bad for Deidra, yet each and every time he's longed for them to have a relationship with one another, she'd wound up with another man. When he was about to reveal his heart to her the first time, his best friend Ken made a move on Deidra, then his other friend Andy married her. Once Andy and Deidra separated Dave tried to mend her broken heart, yet Deidra refused to let anything more than friendship come evolve between them. It didn't work out however as Dave found love with Carly and Deidra found happiness with Dean.