Dating Deidra Byrne
History: Deidra had a bad run of luck with men after her husband cheated on her and she later slept with serial killer Bruce Mathis on the rebound. Thinking that love would never find her again, Deidra tried to bury herself in work, but one late night when she was attacked in the hospital parking lot, Dean came to her rescue and they've been together ever since. Sure, she's still going through a messy divorce, but Dean has been there for her time and time again. It's the perfect chance at happiness for Deidra after years of heartbreak. Dean is the man of her dreams and their relationship is off to a great start, but are things too good to be true for them?.
Dated Shannon Pryce
History: Dean and Shannon were partners for a long time in the FBI. The two are still very close friends and even though the two had a brief fling with one another, they have been able to put that in the past and remain good friends. Anytime Shannon is in a bind, she goes to Dean in the hopes of having him help her through whatever situation it is that she is going through. It puts a strain on his current relationship, but even so they are still pals.