Dating Dean Carlisle
History: Deidra had a bad run of luck with men after her husband cheated on her and she later slept with serial killer Bruce Mathis on the rebound. Thinking that love would never find her again, Deidra tried to bury herself in work, but one late night when she was attacked in the hospital parking lot, Dean came to her rescue and they've been together ever since. Sure, she's still going through a messy divorce, but Dean has been there for her time and time again. It's the perfect chance at happiness for Deidra after years of heartbreak. Dean is the man of her dreams and their relationship is off to a great start, but are things too good to be true for them?
Separated from Andrew Byrne
History: Deidra and Andy got together right after high school and after they wed they moved to Florida to work in the medical field with one another. However, while Deidra thought everything was fine with their marriage, Andy was out cheating on Deidra with any woman he could find. When Deidra discovered the awful truth, she returned to Coral Valley and is currently in the process of getting a divorce from the man who broke her heart.
Dave had a crush on Deidra and they almost hooked up.
History: Dave has always had it bad for Deidra, yet each and every time he's longed for them to have a relationship with one another, she'd wound up with another man. When he was about to reveal his heart to her the first time, his best friend Ken made a move on Deidra, then his other friend Andy married her. Once Andy and Deidra separated Dave tried to mend her broken heart, yet Deidra refused to let anything more than friendship come evolve between them. It didn't work out however as Dave found love with Carly and Deidra found happiness with Dean.
Had a fling with Kenneth Ashford.

History: In their younger years Ken and Deidra had a fling with one another even though Ken was well aware of the fact that his best friend Dave secretly had a crush on Deidra.

Had a one night stand with Bruce Mathis
History: When Deidra went to the island where Russ and Avery were honeymooning she was reminded of her own failed marriage and she took a walk out on the beach. It was there when she met Bruce (posing as Christian) and the two talked of their failed relationships. One thing lead to another and they slept together leading Deidra to guilt about the situation. She ran away from him and later discovered he was a serial killer. He later returned and tried to kill her, but she was saved by current love Dean. Bruce eventually died at the hand of Kyle Houston.