Engaged to Ben Walters
History: Diane flirted with Ben for months before he finally returned the interest. While he was reluctant to let her in due to his undercover work, he soon found that she'd captured his heart completely. These two started off hot and heavy, but time and time again misunderstandings and her blatant hatred for her sister Deidra have pushed them apart. During their last split Diane slept with JT, but then the next day she and Ben reunited. Though their relationship has been filled with ups and downs they are still together unless outside forces find a way to tear them apart again.
Forbidden flirtation with Shane Slater
History: Diane's in love with Ben. Shane has an agenda. Still when Ben's away these two can't help but find themselves drawn to one another. Their chemistry is undeniable and even though Diane vowed never to fall for another smooth talking guy with a sexy accent, it seems that Shane has certainly made his mark on her life. The question is will these two give into temptation with one another or will Diane stay true to her heart with Ben? Plus, if Diane does give in, does Shane feel something genuine for Diane or is it nothing more than a dark game?
Dated JT Mahoney
History: During Diane's rebellious youth, trouble was her middle name and it just so happened to be JT's favorite thing to get into. They spent a great many wild nights and days together exploring just how bad they could be together. However, her lust for Andy ultimately brought them their separate ways. Still, to this day JT still wants her. She's moved on with Ben, but JT hasn't given up. After a night of passion he and Diane shared with one another when she and Ben were separated, JT found his hunger for her refueled and he longed for a reunion until Diane miscarried their child and he moved on with his life. Diane is still with Ben.
Had an affair with Andrew Byrne when he wed her sister
History: Diane always wanted Andy, but when her sister was the one to capture his heart and his love, Diane swore revenge. Determined to get Andy to notice her, Diane did whatever was necessary to prove that she was the better sister. The result? On Deidra and Andy's wedding night, he was sharing the honeymoon suite with his sister-in-law instead of his blushing bride!
Had an affair with Eric West
History: Diane and Blake both fought for Eric's attention when he came into business with Nicholas Ashford over at BBK. However the race for his heart ended when Eric chose to be with Diane. The two had a very steamy affair that ended when she discovered that he was in fact married. Horrified at what she'd done with him, she vowed never to look back again--though given Diane's luck, it's bound to haunt her again.
Dated Patrick Sharpe briefly
History: When Ben and Diane split up, she used Patrick to try to get him jealous. It wound up working when Ben decided to take matters into his own hands and wisk her away to a romantic hideaway where they fell deeper in love with one another. Still, when Ben and Diane split up, Diane tried to rekindle her romance with Patrick in the hopes of finding out information on Patrick's involvement with Cameron to help her best friend Jade, but that soon fizzled.