Married to Shannon Pryce
History: Don is known for being the romantic guy who could stop any girls heart. He doesn't want to be with just any girl, he wants to be with Shannon. Afer the wild night the two shared together, Don and Shannon got married. At first, both of them wanted nothing to do with each other. After a few hours of being with Shannon, Don fell for her. He has been trying to prove to her that he could be that guy she always dreamed of when she was little. The one who could be her prince charming and save her from everyone else. He promises to her that if she just would give him one chance, he will make it perfect. Don wants to win her heart over and he wont stop until he does that exact thing.
Once married to Stephanie before she died in an tragic accident
History: Stephanie was Don's first crush growing up. He tried time and time again to get her to notice him, but it wasn't until after they were in college together that she gave him the time of day. The two were married and became doctors together. When they moved to another country to practice medicine, there was a horrible accident and Stephanie died, but not before giving birth to their son Matt. Stephanie was the great love of Don's life and he still misses her like cracy.
Had a fling with Jewel Warner
History: Before Don and Stephanie finally became an item Don and Jewel saw one another briefly during his college years. Their relationship didn't last very long as he was in love with Stephanie and Jewel was interested in other prospects.