Married to Sarah Marx
Dated Dorothy Carpenter
History: Doug and Dorothy were together long before his Hollywood producer days. They were set on breaking the rules with one another when she was a young actress and he was trying to break away from his family's hold. However, the lifestyle he was getting into took him further away from Dorothy. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she left California and Doug behind not wanting for his family to take her child away from her. For years she kept the truth about her past with him a secret from everyone--including their daughter, but when Doug came to town and showed an interest in Jenna, she had no choice but to tell him the truth about her deception thus opening a whole new can of worms.
Occasional lovers with Thea Valentine
History: Although these two weren't looking for love with one another, it seems that their drunken one night stand turned to matrimony has been beneficial for both characters. While Sarah has had trouble being faithful it seems that she only has eyes for her husband even if she's too stubborn to admit to it.
Had a fling with Zoe Ashford
History: Zoe and Douglas had an affair back when Zoe was much younger. The relationship ended when Zoe discovered that Doug was married. Later when she realized she was pregnant, she was tricked into giving her son Kipp up for adoption by her older brother Nicholas, who led her to believe being a teen mother would shame their family. Nick later gave Kipp to Doug without his sister's knowledge. Zoe is back now to reclaim her place in Kipp's life.
History: Despite Thea's bitchy side, she's had a vulnerability and a need to please Cameron which has been her greatest weakness...however, when she's at her lowest when Cameron's disappointed her, Doug is there to pick up the pieces. Sure, they aren't at all about traditional romance as he's well aware of how she uses their association to get at Cameron since Doug is an enemy of his, but it seemed to work for them until Doug found himself wed to Sarah.