Dating Guy Morrison
History: Guy met Gabe in Europe when the two were working together on a big project for Guy's mother's cosmetics company. Their romance blossomed almost immediately. However, problems began for these two when Guy returned to Coral Valley. Guy still hasn't told his family (other than sister Avery) that he is gay and he's hiding his relationship with Gabe from his mother. Gabe on the other hand went through a painful divorce and no longer wants to keep their relationship a secret. As if that wasn't bad enough, Gabe's ex-lover Marc is working with Guy's mother and is determined to win Gabe back. Marc has resorted to blackmail to break Guy and Gabe apart using Gabe's daughter as a pawn in his game, but will he truly be successful in his mission to split these two lovers?.
Dated Marc Ashley
History: Marc and Gabe were together when Gabe was still married to Noelle and trying to be quiet about his sexuality. Ultimately Gabe eventually broke the news to his wife about his lover and was later divorced. He and Marc eventually split, but to this day Marc still wants Gabe back in his life and he'll do anything to make it happen.
Divorced from Noelle
History: Gabe and Noelle married at a time when Gabe was trying to hide the truth about his sexuality from the world. When they had Brittany with one another, Gabe tried to play it straight for Noelle, but ultimately he couldn't hide from who he truly was and the two parted ways in a messy divorce. To ths day Noelle still challenges his position in Brittany's life and it looks like the battle is far from over!