Married to Deana Sherman
History: Deana first met Grady at the hospital when she stitched him up after he'd been shot. The two had immediate sparks when they started debating and that was all it took for Grady. He kept pursuing Deana until she finally opted to give him a chance. The two went out on a few dates, but it wasn't until Grady bonded with her son Zane that Deana truly fell for him. Knowing that being a single mom was rough, she hoped that their relationship wouldn't sour and things are going well for the time being.
Had an affair with Avery Morrison
History: Avery has always been in love with Russ, but there was a brief point in time when Grady and Avery came close to finding out what would happen if they crossed the lines of friendship and delved into something more. Once Russ 'died' Avery and Grady grew closer to one another. When Grady tried to kill himself after hitting rock bottom, Avery saved his life and they made love. Unfortunately for Grady Russ returned and that was the end of his chance with her. Russ still has no idea about what happened between them.
Was engaged to Jade Alexander
History: Jade knew the moment she started working for Grady that he was the one. Of course the real challenge came in convincing him of that after he'd been burned by love when ex-wife Susan cheated on him. Still Jade was relentless in her pursuit and she ultimately won him over. The two entered a relationship, but were faced with many challenges when his hatred for Avery took control of him. Grady slipped back into his alcoholism in the midst of his ramage. Over time they were reunited, but Cameron Stone had other plans for them when his lust for Jade was the key in Cameron setting Grady up for murder. Currently Jade is presumed dead from an explosion and Grady is married to Deana
Divorced Susan Hastings
History: Grady fell hard for Susan and when they were married their relationship started off very intense. They had passion and intensity until Susan's aggressive ways turned into something ugly. Her general attitude shifted with Grady over the first couple years of marriage and when she cheated on him with Ken Ashford, it broke his heart. His otherwise pleasant demeanor was transformed by the alcohol he was taking to heal his wounds. Susan was his great love and his greatest enemy leading him to stop believing in love until Jade came into his life. However, now that Grady had found happiness in his life, Susan has returned and is hellbent on making his life miserable all over again. The question is, will she succeed?