Dating/living withJenna Carpenter
History: Hart and Jenna had a less than perfect beginning with one another when he represented Patrick in the lawsuit against her. However, as Jenna investigated Bruce Mathis's murder, she and Hart teamed up together to find the truth. During this time she also learned that her father (whom she thought was dead) was very much alive in the form of Douglas Mahoney. After years of being lied to Jenna was hurt and Hart was there for her. Romance soon followed and the two are stronger than ever. Even after his discovering that he had a daughter with Beth and Jenna's mother plotting to tear them apart from one another, their love continues to keep on going strong proving some things were just meant to be. Currently Jenna is pregnant with Hart's baby.
Had an affair with Beth Raines
History: During Hart's wilder days he had an affair with Elizabeth and from it came Sam. Hart only recently found out that he's Sam's father and he wants a place in her life even though Beth is giving him a hard time. Now that she's got her own agenda in town and she's been contacted by Cameron and it seems she may have a trick or two up her sleeve that could bring Hart's happiness with Jenna to and end!
Had a fling with Alexa Ashford
History: Alexa was a bit of a rebel as a teen so when she decided to tackle the challenge of seducing one of her cousin's Brant's best friends she made sure she was successful. Hart and Alexa quickly entered into a fun, dangerous fling with one another which ended shortly after her father discovered what was happening between the two and Rex chased Hart around the mansion with a shotgun as a warning to stay away from Alexa.
Dated Barbara Wilson.

History: In their younger years Hart and Barbara dated one another in high school until both agreed to a mutual split before going off to college to pursue other interests.

Briefly dated Cathy Ashley
History: Hart dated Cathy briefly on and off before he and Jenna got serious with one another in an attempt to get Jenna jealous.