Married to Kyle Houston
History: After years of being kept apart by outside forces Kyle and Heather were able to reunite with one another and found a way to rekindle the flame with one another that existed when they were teens. The two secretly wed after Kyle finally broke things off with Sarah (who had been manipulating Kyle and Heather for years). Now the two are happy together and facing threats from the past together in the hopes of having the bright future that was stolen from them once before..
Was engaged to Kipp Mahoney
History: When Kipp laid his eyes upon Heather, he knew she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. She, on the other hand, was more interested in what his father could do for her career. She used Kipp to help her get ahead, but when Doug came to town, he tried to warn his son about Heather and her ways. Still Kipp ignored his father's warnings and gave everything up to be with Heather only to discover that his father was right. Brokenhearted Kipp returned to his apartment and seemingly shot himself (as it was later discovered someone else shot him). After that Kipp was in a coma and Heather realized she was pregnant with their baby. Kipp disappeared shortly after, but when he returned to town it was clear that things had changed. He and Heather are still friends.
Flirted with Chris Foley
History: Heather returned home to find that Diego had a girlfriend and it just so happened that around this same time she met Chris Foley. He infuriated her and drove her crazy, but when he agreed to play a part in her quest to get Diego back into her life, she readily accepted. The two clashed in ways that neither one expected, yet there was an undeniable attractionbetween them. Unfortunately for Chris before love could blossom Heather reunited with former flame Kyle and marred him. She and Chris are still friends though.
Divorced from Cameron Stone
History: Heather married Cameron after she discovered she was pregnant to his ex-step-brother's child (got that?) and since then it's been a nightmare! Cameron has an agenda wanting to use Heather's baby to take down one time step-father Douglas Mahoney and Heather found that being married to one of the most powerful men in Coral Valley wasn't at all what it's cracked up to be! Fortunately since then the pair divorced and Heather married true love Kyle Houston.
Was engaged to Brant Ashford
History: Together Heather and Brant seemingly had it all. He was the most eligible bachelor in Coral Valley and she was the beautiful model on his arm. However, despite Brant's power and prestige it wasn't enough for Heather as she found herself in the arms of a producer in the hopes of landing a staring role in his movie. The end result: Brant dumped her and never looked back and Heather was left without Brant and the role in the film that she'd taken the time to 'audition' for. When Coral Valley began, Heather was makinga bid for Brant's heart, but he had no interest in rekindling romance. However the two have remained friends after a long period of hate between them.
Was involved with William Steed
History: When Heather wanted to be a star, her agent William promised her the world. He set her up for all sorts of auditions that soon lead into an adult film career for Heather. William's sleazy ways of dealing with Heather left her running back to Coral Valley in the hopes of a reunion wtih Brant. The level of their relationship is unclear, but whatever it is that he did to Heather, now that he's dead, she's relieved that he can't ever go there again. Of course that doesn't mean Heather's past can't return to haunt her now that she's married to Kyle.
Was engaged to Craig Forbes
History: Craig and Heather were once engaged to one another until she left him for Brant.