Was Engaged to Grady Denton
History: Jade knew the moment she started working for Grady that he was the one. Of course the real challenge came in convincing him of that after he'd been burned by love when ex-wife Susan cheated on him. Still Jade was relentless in her pursuit and she ultimately won him over. The two entered a relationship, but were faced with many challenges when his hatred for Avery took control of him. Grady slipped back into his alcoholism in the midst of his ramage. Over time they were reunited, but Cameron Stone had other plans for them when his lust for Jade was the key in Cameron setting Grady up for murder. Currently Jade is presumed dead from an explosion and Grady is married to Deana.
Had a fling with JT Mahoney
History: When Diane left JT to chase after Andy, JT was less than thrilled. Jade too was going through a rough patch in her life and the two found their way to one another for a very brief time, but when the situation caused a rift between Jade and Diane, both girls cut JT out of their life and never looked back. Of course that doesn't mean that JT is so ready to do the same.