Living with Hart Steiner
Briefly dated Patrick Sharpe
History: Jenna at one time found herself attracked to the handsome police lieutenant, but after a disaster date, she'd discovered she'd had more than her fill of this bad boy. Howevere, Patrick wasn't finished with her. When she rebuffed his sexual advances, he filed sexual harassment charges against her and his lawyer (her current boyfriend) got Patrick a restraining order. Talk about a raw deal!
History: Hart and Jenna had a less than perfect beginning with one another when he represented Patrick in the lawsuit against her. However, as Jenna investigated Bruce Mathis's murder, she and Hart teamed up together to find the truth. During this time she also learned that her father (whom she thought was dead) was very much alive in the form of Douglas Mahoney. After years of being lied to Jenna was hurt and Hart was there for her. Romance soon followed and the two are stronger than ever. Even after his discovering that he had a daughter with Beth and Jenna's mother plotting to tear them apart from one another, their love continues to keep on going strong proving some things were just meant to be. Currently Jenna is pregnant with Hart's baby
Dated Devante Johnson
History: Jenna and Devante were involved for a very long time before he left town. Once they split ways, she had a bad run of luck with men until she met current love Hart. Still Devante and Jenna had the picture perfect relationship and if his career hadn't sent him out of town, they may have had a chance of making things last. Now that Devante is back in town Jenna's mother Dorothy is hoping that they'll find their way back to one another again and Jenna will dump Hart once and for all!