Had a fling with Kyle Houston
History: Although Kyle's friend Paul married Jewel, in college Kyle had a fling with the brazen blonde, but it didn't last very long.
Married to Paul Flare
History: Although Paul and Jewel are married to one another, they spend more time with other people and apart then they do with each other. Unfortunately their daughter Stacy gets lost in the shuffle between them when they are on their on and off phases..
Had a fling with Nate Pryce
History: When Jewel first came back to town she decided to spice things up in her life and she chose Nate Pryce as a means of making that happen. The two hooked up with one another when Jewel realized that he was Don's brother-in-law. Eager to get under Don's skin Jewel decided to start seeing Nate for secret passion sessions, but when she learned that her sister Cori was the object of Nate's curiosity, she decided to lay it on thick and put more efforts into seducing Nate just to annoy her sister. Of course now it seems that Jewel's progress has been pushed back a bit as Nate focuses on taking care of his friend Mindy during her time of need.
Had a fling with Don Leveski
History: Before Don and Stephanie finally became an item Don and Jewel saw one another briefly during his college years. Their relationship didn't last very long as he was in love with Stephanie and Jewel was interested in other prospects.