Divorced from Zack Vaughn
History: Zack and Johanna were hot and heavy when he was practicing medicine back in Seattle and she was working at a popular news magazine. However, commitment phobic Zack ended things right before he left for Coral Valley leaving Johanna heartbroken. When Johanna came to town, she was surprised to discover that Zack had moved on with Blake, but little did Zack know Johanna had a surprise of her own. She was pregnant with their son and while Zack vowed that he would be there for the baby, his relationship with Blake continued a bit longer. Ultimately Zack decided to do right by Johanna and the baby and he married her in the hopes of keeping her in his life. Eventually the two remembered their love for one another until Zack's latest surprise return in Coral Valley.
Had a fling with Brant Ashford
History: During Brant's playboy days he and Johanna crossed paths and engaged in some fun with one another, but when Brant asked Johanna to work her charm on former flame Russell Denton she refused and the two hadn't spoken since.
Dated Russell Denton
History: Russ and Johanna dated in college during one of the times when Russ and Avery were apart. While Johanna was hoping for things to work between them, she realized that ultimately nothing could get in the way of his love for Avery. When Brant brought Jo back to town to separate the two lovers, he soon discovered that it still couldn't be done. Johanna since left town with Zach, who has recently returned, to begin a new life with her son Cody and Russ is married to Avery.