Engaged to Evie White
Dated Diane Stevens
History: During Diane's rebellious youth, trouble was her middle name and it just so happened to be JT's favorite thing to get into. They spent a great many wild nights and days together exploring just how bad they could be together. However, her lust for Andy ultimately brought them their separate ways. Still, to this day JT still wants her. She's moved on with Ben, but JT hasn't given up. After a night of passion he and Diane shared with one another when she and Ben were separated, JT found his hunger for her refueled and he longed for a reunion until Diane miscarried their child and he moved on with his life. Diane is still with Ben.
Had a fling with Jade Alexander
History: JT first met Evie at the bar he works at. She was scamming a guy playing pool and when things got ugly JT stepped in and rescued her. She thanked him by stealing his wallet and giving him a kiss. The two later met up again and JT made her work at the bar to make up for what she'd stolen from him instead of having called the police at her. A reluctant Evie agreed to take the job and from that point on she's been trying to win him over. She was finally able to succeed in her mission and the two are now dating.
History: When Diane left JT to chase after Andy, JT was less than thrilled. Jade too was going through a rough patch in her life and the two found their way to one another for a very brief time, but when the situation caused a rift between Jade and Diane, both girls cut JT out of their life and never looked back. Of course that doesn't mean that JT is so ready to do the same.