Married to Angela Meloni

History: By a fluke and a paper work mixup, Kellen recently discovered that he married his brother's former bride Angela Meloni. Although Kellen has no interest in Angela other than friendly he is currently still Angela's husband.

Dating Kipp Mahoney
History: When Kipp woke up from his coma, he returned a changed man. His relationship with Heather had failed and he found himself in a place he'd never been before as a new father and alone. Kellen was his physical therapist and though Kipp had never imagined the relationship would evolve, Kellen won him over and the two started to develop feelings for one another much to both of their surprise. Despite recent tensions the two are still together raising Kipp's son Charles.
Dated Drew Boi
History: Kellen and Drew once dated for a while, but ultimately the relationship fell apart. Now that kellen is seeing Kipp, Drew is back again and wants to try to renew a relationship with Kellen. Of course Kellen is smitten with Kipp at the moment, but should Kipp's attention go off in a new direction, it could be very possible for Drew to worm his way back into Kellen's life again!