Had a fling with Deidra Byrne
History: History: In their younger years Ken and Deidra had a fling with one another even though Ken was well aware of the fact that his best friend Dave secretly had a crush on Deidra.
Engaged to Wendy Forbes
Was engaged to Michelle Sprite
History: Ken hooked up with gold digger Michelle after he hit rock bottom. She's mischeivous and out for Ken's money, but Ken is trying to turn over a new leaf. Michelle sees that and she's trying to make the most of this opportunity. Having convinced Ken her intentions are pure, she proposed to him, but ultimately Brant found a way to expose Michelle's true nature and bust up the union by bringing back Ken's former flame Wendy Forbes.
History: Ken and Wendy were the dream couple in Coral Valley. She brought out Ken's good side and he in turn brought out the best in her. These two had it all until their families got in the way of their romance. When Wendy left town because she found out she was dying, Ken had no idea why she left. After Ken had a break down and almost married Michelle, his brother Brant found an ill Wendy and brought her back to town to be with Ken. The two have reunited and are together even though she is dying.
Had a fling with Carly Matthews
History: Ken's tried to live his life the right way, but there was a period when his bad boy alterego reigned surpreme. After losing Wendy, Ken went down a dark path and in that time frame he found himself in the arms of his best friend's ex-fiancee. When Dave and Carly had a falling out, Ken was right there to pick up the pieces as he and Carly became fast lovers. However, when she left town, he moved on to Susan Denton. Eventually Ken said good-bye to his bad boy ways, but when Carly returned to town after Caitlin's death the two reunited again for a brief affair. While it's possible that Ken could be the biological father of Carly's daughter Kayla, Carly has since mov
He tricked Avery Morrison into believing he was Brant so she would bed him
History: Ken and Avery were always good friends, but nothing prepared either one of them for what would happen after Susan drugged him. In the midst of Ken's drug induced rage, he pretended to be his twin brother Brant and bedded Brant's wife Avery. The two have yet to repair the damage that has been done between them!
Was engaged to Caitlin Vaughn
History: Ken and Caitlin met during the earthquake and the two found romance together. However, things started to get complicated when her ex came to town putting her in the hospital. Top that off with Brant's exploits and Susan chasing Ken to add to the complications. Still when her father was injured and they went out to Seattle together everything was back on track again. Their relationship strengthened and Ken found himself ready to take that next step in getting married. He picked out the ring and planned the perfect place to propose, but his plans were put to a halt when Caitlin died in the airport bombing taking Ken's heart with her. Now he's left to pick up the pieces of his life without his one true love.
He tricked Avery Morrison into believing he was Brant so she would bed him
History: After Wendy left Ken, he went through a bad boy phase. It started with Carly, but when she left town too Ken and long time professional rival Susan got heated together outside the courtroom and in the bedroom. These two had a wicked and wild affair after she'd wed Grady and their shameless exploits drove Grady to alcoholism. Eventually the fire burned out and Ken moved on, but Susan still longed for a taste of what they had together up until the end of her life when Kyle became her fixation.
ed on to marry Dave and hopes that Ken will never realize that Kayla might be his.