Dating Kellen Meloni
Was engaged to Heather Gibbons
History: When Kipp laid his eyes upon Heather, he knew she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. She, on the other hand, was more interested in what his father could do for her career. She used Kipp to help her get ahead, but when Doug came to town, he tried to warn his son about Heather and her ways. Still Kipp ignored his father's warnings and gave everything up to be with Heather only to discover that his father was right. Brokenhearted Kipp returned to his apartment and seemingly shot himself (as it was later discovered someone else shot him). After that Kipp was in a coma and Heather realized she was pregnant with their baby. Kipp disappeared shortly after, but when he returned to town it was clear that things had changed. He and Heather are still friends.
History: When Kipp woke up from his coma, he returned a changed man. His relationship with Heather had failed and he found himself in a place he'd never been before as a new father and alone. Kellen was his physical therapist and though Kipp had never imagined the relationship would evolve, Kellen won him over and the two started to develop feelings for one another much to both of their surprise. Despite recent tensions the two are still together raising Kipp's son Charles..