Married to Heather Gibbons
History: After years of being kept apart by outside forces Kyle and Heather were able to reunite with one another and found a way to rekindle the flame with one another that existed when they were teens. The two secretly wed after Kyle finally broke things off with Sarah (who had been manipulating Kyle and Heather for years). Now the two are happy together and facing threats from the past together in the hopes of having the bright future that was stolen from them once before..
Was engaged to Sarah Marx
History: Kyle always was close to the Marx sisters and he believed Sarah was his dream girl. Shortly after however he found that he had feelings for her sister Heather. However, when Heather ran away as a teen, Kyle's crush on Sarah returned. The two entered into a relationship with one another and it was clear that Kyle would get his chance with the girl he dreamt about in Sarah. Unfortunately she turned out be nothing like he'd hoped for and their relationship was doomed!
Had a fling with Jewel Warner
History: Although Kyle's friend Paul married Jewel, in college Kyle had a fling with the brazen blonde, but it didn't last very long.
Was involved with William Steed
History: When Heather wanted to be a star, her agent William promised her the world. He set her up for all sorts of auditions that soon lead into an adult film career for Heather. William's sleazy ways of dealing with Heather left her running back to Coral Valley in the hopes of a reunion wtih Brant. The level of their relationship is unclear, but whatever it is that he did to Heather, now that he's dead, she's relieved that he can't ever go there again. Of course that doesn't mean Heather's past can't return to haunt her now that she's married to Kyle.
Was engaged to Craig Forbes
History: Craig and Heather were once engaged to one another until she left him for Brant.