Dating Cary Meloni
History: While Michelle was married to Kevin she found herself attracted to Cary Meloni. Together the two teamed up to get rid of Cary's wife Angela and Michelle fell hard. When she thought he died she was devatasted, but now that Cary is alive and they are reunited she dreams of being able to share the future with him that she thought was stolen from them.
Involved with Zack Vaughn
History: Although the details are sketchy on exactly what's going on with Michelle and Zack, it's clear that these two are leaning on one another for more than just plotting partners. Will roance follow? Time will tell.
Was engaged to Kenneth Ashford
History: Ken hooked up with gold digger Michelle after he hit rock bottom. She's mischeivous and out for Ken's money, but Ken is trying to turn over a new leaf. Michelle sees that and she's trying to make the most of this opportunity. Having convinced Ken her intentions are pure, she proposed to him, but ultimately Brant found a way to expose Michelle's true nature and bust up the union by bringing back Ken's former flame Wendy Forbes.
Divorced from Kevin Adonis
History: In between finding love with Angie and Ria, Kevin married Michelle. She was anything, but a perfect wife to him during his boxing days. The two were together for a brief while until Michelle cheated on Kevin and broke his heart (not to mention empyting his wallet in the process).