Flirting with Nate Pryce
Flirting with Jason Sherman
History: Although Jason and Mindy met when her boyfriend Hunt was killed in a horrible robbery gone bad and the timing was off, Jason couldn't help but fall for Mindy's spirited side. Although she mistakingly thinks he's gay Jason believes he's falling in love with Mindy
Dated Hunt Lockhart
History: Just when Mindy felt she'd never find love in her life, she met Hunt. She was still reeling from her feelings for Guy, but Hunt made her smile and believe in love again. Unfortunately for Mindy it seemed fate had a tragic twist in store for her and Hunt when he was murdered in an armed robbery and now she's left to pick up the pieces of her life all over again.
History: Nate and Mindy bonded when Hunt died due to the fact that Nate was Hunt's best friend. However these two are growing closer to one another as time goes on and it's clear there is an attraction there between them. The question is will they give into temptation with one another or try to remain just friends?
Dated Guy Morrison
History: Guy and Mindy were high school sweethearts until Guy told her he was gay. Since then Mindy hasn't had much luck with love. She and Guy still remained friends and when he returned to town, he asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that his mother wouldn't find out he was gay. She agreed, but found herself faced with confusing feelings for the only man she'd ever really loved. Still, she knows she and Guy will never be, but that doesn't change where her heart lies.