Flirting with Mindy Carmichael
Had a fling with Jewel Warner
History: When Jewel first came back to town she decided to spice things up in her life and she chose Nate Pryce as a means of making that happen. The two hooked up with one another when Jewel realized that he was Don's brother-in-law. Eager to get under Don's skin Jewel decided to start seeing Nate for secret passion sessions, but when she learned that her sister Cori was the object of Nate's curiosity, she decided to lay it on thick and put more efforts into seducing Nate just to annoy her sister. Of course now it seems that Jewel's progress has been pushed back a bit as Nate focuses on taking care of his friend Mindy during her time of need.
Had a crush on Cori Warner
History: It was love at first sight for Nate when he crossed paths with this blonde bombshell. The only problem was that Cori wasn't interested. She had another man on her mind and even though it turned out sour and landed her in the mental institution, she still had no interest in Nate. It wasn't until Cori learned that she was pregnant with Diego's baby that Cori started to see Nate in a new light when he offered to play the role of father to her unborn child. Of course does that mean love will follow? Time will tell in this case for sure.
History: Nate and Mindy bonded when Hunt died due to the fact that Nate was Hunt's best friend. However these two are growing closer to one another as time goes on and it's clear there is an attraction there between them. The question is will they give into temptation with one another or try to remain just friends?.