Married Victoria Ashford
Had an affair with Cheryl Denton
History: When Elliot and Cheryl were experiencing troubles in their marriage when Elliot was laid off, Cheryl took to working at the company owned by Nicholas Ashford. The two had a fling with one another and as a result Cheryl was pregnant with Nicholas's son Russell. However, when Cheryl and Elliot reunited they vowed to keep the secret of Russell's parentage for as long as possible. However as with any secret it didn't stay buried nearly as long as they would have liked it to have.
History: Nicholas and Victoria had a very dramatic courtship despite the fact that she was in love with another man. However Nicholas won her heart over and she married him, having three children with him (Brant, Ken and Blake). Their time together was tense after their children were born and Victoria soon became aware of her husband's dark ways. Upset she went to California with Blake to take some time to think and ultimately she died in an earthquake right in front of a seven year old Blake.