Had a fling with Thea Valentine
History: Thea always keeps people in line for Cameron and in this case with Patrick it was no different. Thea made sure to find a way to keep Patrick willing to help her and Cameron with their twisted agenda but keeping him very satified during his off hours.
Briefly dated Diane Stevens
History: When Ben and Diane split up, she used Patrick to try to get him jealous. It wound up working when Ben decided to take matters into his own hands and wisk her away to a romantic hideaway where they fell deeper in love with one another. Still, when Ben and Diane split up, Diane tried to rekindle her romance with Patrick in the hopes of finding out information on Patrick's involvement with Cameron to help her best friend Jade, but that soon fizzled..
Briefly dated Jenna Carpenter
History: Jenna at one time found herself attracked to the handsome police lieutenant, but after a disaster date, she'd discovered she'd had more than her fill of this bad boy. Howevere, Patrick wasn't finished with her. When she rebuffed his sexual advances, he filed sexual harassment charges against her and his lawyer (her current boyfriend) got Patrick a restraining order. Talk about a raw deal!