Engaged to Kevin Adonis
History: These two had the hots for one another when they were younger, but life took them in different directions. However, when Kevin returned to CV, Ria immediately connected with him upon seeing him out with her sister Trisha. Kevin rushed to explain he wasn't interested in Trisha, but rather Ria instead and since then these two have been inseparable--well almost. Things are looking good for them as long as Kevin's crush on Angie doesn't get in the way!
Dated Dave Warner
History: Ria and Dave dated one another for a period of time until the two decided to be just friends after it all.
Had a fling with Ben
History: Ben and Ria were best friends in high school however before the two went away to college they decided to make love to one another for the first time. After they continued to be best friends and have a great relationship with one another.