Married to Avery Morrison
History: Russ and Avery were one another's first love. Their rich history with one another was filled with many twists and turns especially when her mother Brooke drugged Russ placing him in bed with Avery's rival Heather. Heartbroken, Avery left town with Brant, but soon discovered that she was pregnant with Russ's baby. Still unclear about what happened, Russ was determined to find Avery again. He kidnapped her as soon as he located her on the island and the two were wed almost immediately after she revealed she was pregnant. Against the odds their love ultimately brought them together after years of heartbreak. Even though a great many things threatened to tear them apart, they seem to find their way back to one another now with their daughter Erin.
Was engaged to Angela Meloni
History:When Angela found Nick washed up on the shore, she helped him by taking him back to the hospital with her. When he woke up, the two shared a connection. Little did she know that Nick Smith was really Russell Denton who had amnesia. The two almost made it down the aisle until Russ regained his memory and flew back to Coral Valley leaving Angela behind while he was reunited with his family.
Dated Johanna Larsen
History: Russ and Johanna dated in college during one of the times when Russ and Avery were apart. While Johanna was hoping for things to work between them, she realized that ultimately nothing could get in the way of his love for Avery. When Brant brought Jo back to town to separate the two lovers, he soon discovered that it still couldn't be done. Johanna since left town with Zach, who has recently returned, to begin a new life with her son Cody and Russ is married to Avery.