Had a fling with Kyle Houston
History: Kyle always was close to the Marx sisters and he believed Sarah was his dream girl. Shortly after however he found that he had feelings for her sister Heather. However, when Heather ran away as a teen, Kyle's crush on Sarah returned. The two entered into a relationship with one another and it was clear that Kyle would get his chance with the girl he dreamt about in Sarah. Unfortunately she turned out be nothing like he'd hoped for and their relationship was doomed!
Had a fling with Drew Boi
History: In the hopes of getting Kellen back in his good graces Drew had a one night stand with Sarah and video taped the whole thing to help Kellen prove that Sarah was unfaithful to her then love Kyle. However, even after doing that to win Kellen over, Kellen rebuffed Drew's advances to get back together again.
Married to Douglas Mahoney
History: Although these two weren't looking for love with one another, it seems that their drunken one night stand turned to matrimony has been beneficial for both characters. While Sarah has had trouble being faithful it seems that she only has eyes for her husband even if she's too stubborn to admit to it.
Had a fling with Diego Hernandez
History: Diego always had a thing for Heather, but when her sister Sarah came to town, he realized that they had more in common. Diego and Sarah had been friends for a while, but once Kyle and Sarah split up for a while, the two slept with one another and after a series of lies between Sarah and Kyle, the truth came out about her time with Diego. When Sarah's true nature was revealed, Diego walked away from her (as did Kyle) and right now Diego is awaiting a paternity test to see if he's the father of Sarah's baby.
Had a fling with Cameron Stone
History: When Sarah decided that it was time to get rid of her sister Heather, she went to Cameron for help in dealing with her problem. The two teamed up until Sarah found that Cameron wasn't as receptive to helping her as she'd hoped. Eventually Sarah found out she was pregnant and Cameron agreed to marry her to spite everyone else. Unfortunately for Cameron before he could marry Sarah, Douglas stepped in and made a drunken Sarah his wife thus foiling Cameron's plans.