Engaged to Blake Ashford
History: Blake and Seth met during the earthquake and had immediate sparks. When he got injured saving her life, she pretended to be his fiancee to get word on his condition. Eventually romance followed, but their happiness was interrupted when he told her about her father had raped his sister Jade. Horrified Blake turned to Zack for comfort and began a relationship with him. Eventually Seth decided to leave town and Blake behind forever, but not before she realized that he was the man she wanted to be with. After the bombing, Blake proposed to Seth and the two were reunited and are now planning on a wedding. However, a face from his past may have a few things to say about that...
Married to Valerie Madison
History: Seth and Valerie were friends growing up and it wasn't until after his sister's rape that these two came together. They were there for one another during a rough period of Seth's life, yet when the promise of a supermodel career came Valerie's way, she left Seth without so much as a good-bye. Now he's moved on with Blake, but she's back in town hoping to win him back again. On his wedding day to Blake she burst in and let Seth know that due to a misfiling of papers she was still his wife after a drunken elopement years earlier.