Currently engaged to Ria Merhan

History: These two had the hots for one another when they were younger, but life took them in different directions. However, when Kevin returned to CV, Ria immediately connected with him upon seeing him out with her sister Trisha. Kevin rushed to explain he wasn't interested in Trisha, but rather Ria instead and since then these two have been inseparable--well almost. Things are looking good for them as long as Kevin's crush on Angie doesn't get in the way!

Formerly engaged to Angela Meloni; they had a child with one another.
History: Angela is currently with Brant, but in her younger years she was a rebel and during that rebellious streak she and bodyguard/best friend Kevin had a brief love affair. The two eventually parted ways, but they are still each other's confidant and support system especially now after Angela's life has taken a drastic turn. Despite Kevin's happiness with Ria, he continually feels a pull towards his ex especially when it seems danger is surrounding her life.
Once married to Michelle Sprite.
History: In between finding love with Angie and Ria, Kevin married Michelle. She was anything, but a perfect wife to him during his boxing days. The two were together for a brief while until Michelle cheated on Kevin and broke his heart (not to mention empyting his wallet in the process).
Had a fling with Marie Hage.

History: During a few of Kevin and Angela's on and off phases, Kevin found himself hooking up with waitress/stripper Marie Hage. Although the relationship was never anything serious on Kevin's end Marie found herself hoping for more with this former boxer.

Trisha Merhan had a crush on Kevin, but he only had eyes for Ria.
History: When Kevin first returned to Coral Valley Trisha decided it was time to make Kevin hers. Kevin, on the other hand, was more interested in being a friend to the little girl he knew growing up. When he escorted her to a birthday party her friend was having Trisha took it as a sign that Kevin wanted something more between them, but he soon put a stop to those thoughts of hers especially once she discovered he was in love with her sister Ria.
Kevin once had a fling with Valerie Madison.
History: Although Valerie's eyes are on Seth, she found her way into his cousin's bed after the two had a rage induced romp with one another. Despite their hatred for one another Kevin and Valerie still found their way into the sheets before she decided to continue her pursuit of Seth all over again.