Obsessed with Kyle Houston
Occasional lover for Cameron Stone
History: Susan works for Cameron and while she's had an eye for some of the hotties in town such as Ken, Kyle and Grady, she and Cameron share an intimate (and twisted) relationship with one another when the mood strikes them. Are there any real feelings between them? Not particularly, but Cameron does appreciate the dirty work Susan does for him in and out of the bedroom. After Susan became obsessed with Kyle, Cameron lost interest and moved on.
Had an affair with Kenneth Ashford
History: After Wendy left Ken, he went through a bad boy phase. It started with Carly, but when she left town too Ken and long time professional rival Susan got heated together outside the courtroom and in the bedroom. These two had a wicked and wild affair after she'd wed Grady and their shameless exploits drove Grady to alcoholism. Eventually the fire burned out and Ken moved on, but Susan still longed for a taste of what they had together up until the end of her life when Kyle became her fixation.
History: Susan met Kyle through Grady after he had been one of his good friends through college. After having an encounter with Kyle, she wanted him. Susan took advantage of Kyle's desire to help Grady find a missing Jade and in turn drugged and sexually assaulted Kyle. She later lied to Kyle and said that she was pregnant with his child, but before Susan could weave her twisted web further the hitman she hired to murdre Kyle's then girlfriend Sarah shot her by mistake and ended her life.
Divorced from Grady Denton
History: Grady fell hard for Susan and when they were married their relationship started off very intense. They had passion and intensity until Susan's aggressive ways turned into something ugly. Her general attitude shifted with Grady over the first couple years of marriage and when she cheated on him with Ken Ashford, it broke his heart. His otherwise pleasant demeanor was transformed by the alcohol he was taking to heal his wounds. Susan was his great love and his greatest enemy leading him to stop believing in love until Jade came into his life. However, now that Grady had found happiness in his life, Susan has returned and is hellbent on making his life miserable all over again. The question is, will she succeed?